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When it comes to useful car accessories that make for a valuable purchase, it’s items like organisers, trash cans, head-up GPS displays, USB chargers and LED lights that come up as the popular choices. Still, as the pride and joy cars are for most of...

With over 50 years and 8 generations of production history behind it, Toyota’s “unbreakable” Hiluxes are largely regarded as Oz’s most successful, if not also its best-selling motor vehicle of all time. That’s why when you’re looking for aftermarket seat covers for your N70 or N80, you don’t look any further than ones made right here in true blue Australia.

It’s almost impossible to name a space that’s simultaneously more inviting and more personal than the interiors of our automobiles. Far from being a place that’s synonymous only with stress, there’s something soothing to be found in this warm confinement. It’s a place where we go to form thoughts as well as retreat to collect them.