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Ultimate Protection and Comfort: Neoprene Seat Covers for Toyota Hilux

With over 50 years and 8 generations of production history behind it, Toyota’s “unbreakable” Hiluxes are largely regarded as Oz’s most successful, if not also its best-selling motor vehicle of all time. That’s why when you’re looking for aftermarket seat covers for your N70 or N80, you don’t look any further than ones made right here in true blue Australia.

Make no mistake, though: not all seat covers are designed or manufactured the same; and the differences between them become glaringly obvious when you’re trying to protect your Hilux’s interior from stains, debris, and a relentless midday UV assault. Your covers need the impeccable fit to shield your seats from the elements, and the subtle flair that’s needed for them to remain comfortable; and there’s only one material with that degree of flawless aftermarket finesse: neoprene.

Neoprene Seat Covers That Protect Your Hilux From Permanent Damage

Let’s be honest: it doesn’t matter if your Hilux is the family’s daily driver, or an everyday work companion, no one wants to spend time in a battered interior. That’s why only high-quality neoprene Hilux seat cover protectors are able to deliver the combination of tough protection, snug fit, and good looks that you want. They’re not universal-fitting seat and console cover sets. They’re templated and cut specially for Hilux N70 and N80 interiors, so you’re Toyota’s upholstery is guaranteed a level of protection that it can’t get from any other type of aftermarket cover.

When it comes to Hilux seat covers, neoprene is unlike any other material used in aftermarket production. Wearables like wetsuits and leggings are neoprene’s most identifiable applications, but its durability and insulating properties make it the perfect choice for automotive-grade textiles that require a range of qualities such as:

  • Moisture resistance. Whether it’s the result of sweaty hands or spilled beverages, you can expect moisture and liquids to leave your factory fabrics permanently stained and prone to mildew. Neoprene Hilux car seat covers are able to repel penetrating liquids with ease.  
  • Abrasion resistance. Sand, dust, and even dirty tradie kit can cause all kinds of undue wear and tear on factory seats. A neoprene Hilux car seat cover is all but impervious to the kinds of debris and coarse treatment that would ordinarily grind and abrade its way through even the most durable upholstery.
  • Heat and UV resistance. Sun and UV exposure can fade, bleach, and cause your OE interior to deteriorate at an unbelievable rate. Not only are neoprene polymers formulated to deflect uncomfortable heat buildup, their natural UV stabilization prevents them from absorbing damaging UV rays.

Ideally, Hilux neoprene seat covers are designed to hold up under a bevy of harsh conditions that could ordinarily leave your factory upholstery decimated in just a few short years. They require little more than a light brushing or wipe down with a wet cloth to continue looking just as good as when you purchased them, and that’s an attribute that no other type of seat cover can offer.

source: goodhrissk.life

Seat Covers That are Templated to Any Hilux Interior Variant

You can buy premium quality neoprene Hilux seat cover to fit any N70 or N80 single, extra, or dual cab variant. The sheer volume of seating configurations within those variations can be staggering though, which is why the full range of neoprene seat covers typically includes:

  • Full-length front covers, with or without rear map pockets;
  • Half-length front covers with original map pocket access; and,
  • Covers for rear, or second seats, including headrests.

Together with an equally wide selection of neoprene-based centre console lid and dashboard covers to choose from, the range of custom Hilux seat covers for sale is nothing short of impressive. They’re cut and tailored to grip your seats with glove-like perfection, allowing for:

  • A gapless fit that doesn’t allow them to slide, shift, or permit foreign material to become trapped between itself and the seat;
  • Straightforward installation that eliminates the need for tools, or disorganized straps and ties to complete; and,
  • A made-to-order appearance that resembles your Hilux’s OE upholstery in every way, but with longer-lasting protection.

You can even order seat covers for Hilux trucks with a choice of up to 8 custom stitching colours, making it possible for you to use your covers to highlight or accent your N70 or N80 interior perfectly.

source: topgear.com

No Need to Reupholster Torn Hilux Seats When You Can Reinvigorate Them

Let’s be honest: if you’ve already owned your Hilux for a while and haven’t been shy about putting it through its paces, it’s possible that your interior has already some rough wear. The fact is, you may be less interested now in preserving your Hilux’s upholstery as you are in restoring a measure of comfort to it.

A new set of neoprene Toyota Hilux seat covers can help reinvigorate that worn-out interior by covering up:

  • Rips, cuts, or burns that may be exposing your seat’s filling;
  • Unsightly and irremovable stains, scuffs, and marks; and,
  • Fading, discolouring, or even cracking due to UV exposure.

Especially for a tradie’s ute, a costly reupholstery job doesn’t have to be the only solution for revitalizing a worn-out interior. And with the natural springiness of 2.5mm, rubber-backed neoprene working to your advantage, your rejuvenated seats are going to feel better than ever.

source: carexpert.com.au

Split-Open Stitching Helps Keep Aftermarket Hilux Covers Safe

Safety is a major consideration in the design and manufacture of aftermarket Toyota Hilux car seat covers. That’s because with as many as 8 passenger compartment airbags making up the Hilux’s Supplemental Restraint System (SRS), the last thing you want is for a seat cover to become a safety obstacle.

If your N70 or N80 is equipped with side airbags, any aftermarket seat cover that’s designed to fit it is required to comply with Australian Design Rule (ADR) guidance on airbag compatibility. The stitching used on premium grade neoprene seat covers for Toyota Hilux trucks is designed to “split-open” if the side airbags are activated, and your top priority in caring for them has to include:   

  • Ensuring that they’re always installed on the correct side of the vehicle;
  • Taking care that the seat cover’s SRS tag is aligned with the corresponding tag on the seat; and,
  • Immediately removing and replacing (not repairing) any seat cover that has torn or ripped side stitching.

Suffice it to say, with occasional inspections, your Toyota Hilux neoprene seat covers are going to be just as effective at keeping you safe, as they are at safeguarding your upholstery.

source: fitmycar.com.au

The Final Word

At the end of the day, protecting your Hilux’s interior is a priority. No one wants to ride in a battered interior; and believe it or not, 1/3 of your Hilux’s trade-in value is locked into your interior. That means if you decide to sell your Hilux in the future, neglecting the interior now is going to cost you later.  

Premium-quality neoprene Hilux seat cover protectors can help you safeguard your interior, without sacrificing any of its natural comfort or good looks. You if you haven’t considered what neoprene has to offer, now’s the time to do it. 

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