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Car Seat Covers: How to Find the Ideal Choice?

When it comes to useful car accessories that make for a valuable purchase, it’s items like organisers, trash cans, head-up GPS displays, USB chargers and LED lights that come up as the popular choices. Still, as the pride and joy cars are for most of us, the covers of the seats are one crucial accessory that’s not to be underestimated. 

After all, seats are an important part of the vehicle and they have to do with aesthetics as much as comfort, so it’s a crucial part of our basic care to look after and protect them as best we can. The aftermarket seat covers are a functional and stylish addition that offers a range of benefits. 

What’s the Point of Car Seat Covers?

They can boost your overall experience thanks to providing an extra dose of warmth and comfort, while at the same time protecting your actual seats from dirt, grime, and stains from food and drinks, plus all the mud kids and pets can bring in. Even if they do get stained, the covers are pretty easy to clean and dry. 

Additionally, they protect your car’s factory upholstery from damaging UV rays which tend to fade and weaken the fabric over time. Then, they enhance the overall aesthetic of the interior, with a fresh look of fabric colour and texture that’s not showing any wear and tear. 

They also give you the chance to customise the décor with a style, pattern, and design that are more to your taste. As a result, you’re not wrong to expect the seat covers could increase the value of the car altogether as they protect new seats and revitalise old ones. The better the condition, the more chances you’d resell the vehicle for more. 


How Do I Know What Seat Covers to Get?

With the vast array of seat protector options available on the market, I get it if it’s not that easy for you to make up your mind. Essentially, you want to invest in something that would offer you the aforementioned benefits, which is a guarantee as long as you keep a few basic factors in mind when shopping.

Consider How Big of a Budget You Have 

Before anything, it’s important to decide how much you’re willing to spend on such a feature. The better the quality and fit, the higher the price, so be sure to keep all this in mind before spending to avoid any surprises along the way. For this, you’d have to look into the basic aspects like fabric and fit.

Choose Your Ideal Fabric

Being sure of how much protection, ease of cleanliness and maintenance, and aesthetics you want and need will ultimately help you choose from: 


Anyone who wants to know what comfort feels like on long-day rides as much as on day-to-day rides should consider this material. It’s the same material divers’ wetsuits are made of. The neoprene seat cover options are available in both more affordable standard and more expensive premium versions, with the premium also being heat embossing for extra comfort, and warp-knit for extra strength. As a material, it’s become very popular due to its waterproof properties and sporty look.


As one of the most durable and high-end options, this is a top-notch pick for anyone who’s after that seamless look and feel. Despite the durability and aesthetics, however, it’s necessary to remember it’s a choice that can run hot so it’s not suitable for people living in the hottest parts of Australia because it can add to your discomfort and make you sweat. It’s also not an absorbent choice, and yet comes with a higher price tag.


If you prefer something on the more affordable side, yet still as durable as leather, this is it. As a material, it’s known for its sturdiness, as well as the protection it offers from UV rays. The only downside may be that you find sitting on the suede to be somewhat uncomfortable, so be sure you try it out before you buy.


In case you’re after a snug fit from a fabric that’s also very hard-wearing, and resistant to liquids as much as stains and splashes, then this is an option to consider getting. The canvas regular and 4WD seat covers are perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle, or a job that can put the vehicle through considerable wear and tear. The more expensive heavy-duty version is particularly valuable as it offers more UV resistance, more comfort with foam backing, and more strength and resistance to wear and tear.


If you’ve always wanted the look and feel of velvet but couldn’t afford it, this is a choice you could rejoice in. Either made from cotton or polyester, it’s a great choice that looks stylish, and at the same time offers comfort. What’s considered its downside, however, is its lack of water resistance.

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Decide on the Fit

There are two aspects you have to consider with this factor: the universal and the custom fit. If you’re up for saving up more, then the universal is the solution for you, which also happens to be more hassle-free as you don’t have to do any seat measuring. Simply know your car’s info, like make, model, and year, and you can choose the perfect cover.

With the custom fit, you have to measure up, as well as consider the seams to make sure you don’t cover up the side airbags, or features like headrests, armrests, or built-in screens. While more expensive, it’s an option that gives you more flexibility with the choice, as you can choose the colour, pattern, detail (i.e. embroidery), and texture.

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