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corporate gift

12 Out-of-the-Box Corporate Gift Ideas

Welcome inspiration seekers, to my carefully crafted compilation of unisex corporate gift ideas, since I know you’re probably tired of giving gifts that tend to wind up in dusty closets and desk nooks. Instead, these presents will become cherished belongings or priceless experiences. So, are you determined to master the art of corporate gift exchange? Keep reading to get inspired!

Decorative Mini Plants

If giving flowers isn’t your thing, consider sending cute miniature plants or succulents instead. Find a website that sells interesting cacti in eye-catching pots, or go the extra mile and start cultivating your own plants in the office and sending cuttings to new customers as they sign up. It’s a fun method for you to welcome your clients and celebrate the development of your relationship.

Corporate Client Dessert Gift

edible corporate gift basket
Source: lakechamplainchocolates.com

What could be better than gift baskets for clients full of edible treats to appease everyone’s sweet tooth? Paying attention to the packaging itself is a major plus. Get your thank-you or congrats gift delivered to their door with a classy and personalised message for an additional surprise aspect.

You can also go the extra mile by choosing customised options, deciding which treats to include and how many, as well as making use of the opportunity to customise the wrap with your brand’s name and logo. This would help you win over new clients, as well as maintain the business relationships you’ve already established with long-term clients.

Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

“Whoa, this is so cool.” “Where did you get that?” A levitating Bluetooth speaker falls under the wow-reaction category. The speaker of this device wirelessly transmits audio or music while appearing to float above the base (hint: magnets are the secret to its magic). It serves a purpose and doubles as a cool conversation-starter piece.

Unique Wine Glasses

different types of wine glasses
Source: crateandbarrel.com

Unique wine glasses are another type of gift that will undoubtedly end up being used. Focus on a specific selection of glasses with a certain style rather than providing generic-looking glasses with your company’s branding. By doing this, you will increase the impact of being remembered. Throw in a fancy bottle of wine as a nice finishing touch.

Seasonal Fruit Baskets

When it comes time for your business gifts, savoury and sweet baskets brimming with ripe fruit, snacks, and other local collectibles, are the perfect option if you need to make a quick pick before the company get-together with your favourite clients. This is just as nice of a treat as the delicious gift baskets for clients full of sweets and snacks.

Whiskey Box Gift Set

whiskey set
Source: homewetbar.com

Allow seasoned corporate gift senders from alcoholic beverage corporations to do what they do best: satisfy even the most discriminating consumer with premium spirits. This sophisticated whisky set is ideal for the whisky enthusiast in your office.

Reusable Water Bottle

It’s wise to encourage environmentally conscious behaviour inside your organization and even extend it to your clientele. Reusable water bottles not only reduce the amount of single-use plastic bottles that are thrown away every day, but they also allow you to show off your organization’s commitment to sustainability. Perhaps include your company’s emblem on the bottle to get consumers to automatically think of your business whenever they get a drink.

Luxury Keychain

Keys are something that most of us always have on hand. Sending your clients a high-quality keychain will help you stay in their thoughts. Consider purchasing something made of leather or a vegan leather substitute, or add a technological twist by using a tracking device so they never lose their keys again.

Desktop Charging Station

Nothing is more frustrating than having a dead battery right when you need it. Sending your business clients a desktop charging station that allows them to simultaneously charge their phone, tablet, and accessories will help them avoid this inconvenience. If you are familiar with your client’s workstation, you may even hunt for a design that complements their aesthetic and available space.

Personalised Double Pen Set

personalised double pen set
Source: dayspringpens.com

A ballpoint pen in a combination with a rollerball pen make a great gift for any office worker and a fan of such desk collectables. You can go a step further with the gift giving by decorating the presentation box with engraving, or complementing the client gift with a hamper packed with their favourite edible goods.

Personalised Cooler Bag with Bottle Opener

The waterproof insulation in this cooler bag, which is made of a wool and polyester blend, will keep your lunch chilled for several hours. It contains a wooden-handled bottle opener and is personalised with the name of your employee or client using premium white iron-on vinyl in a stencil font.

Digital Gift Card

Speaking of situations where you are unsure of what to send someone, you can always get a digital gift card to give them a choice. Be careful to maximise your originality and consider each person’s particular interests. Since you may personalise these gift cards however you like, use this opportunity to offer thanks and celebrate each other’s success.

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