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ladies wearing country clothes

Your Guide to Nailing Women’s Country Style: Where Style Meets Practicality

Do you want to bring the western charm to your wardrobe? Feeling a little frisky with your style and want to try something new? Then this will spice up your current rotation and add some fun to your everyday looks.

Country style is all about looking effortless, timeless and elegant. All of the pieces that were originally associated with the rugged cowboy style have been adapted and modernised to fit the current trends. With the latest pieces from high-street fashion, you can easily recreate the country vibe with a few simple pieces.

How Do You Style Country Clothes?

country style


Given the ever-evolving and changing nature of fashion, it’s difficult to pinpoint what exactly makes or breaks a specific look. But the undeniable appeal and timelessness of comfortable yet chic women’s country clothes make the effort worthwhile. Here’s how you can nail this distinct ensemble:

Opt for Neutral and Earthy Tones

The initial logic behind this look is to channel the hues found in nature. Think earthy, muted tones like tan, olive green and brown instead of bright and flashy colours. The reason for this was entirely practical – to keep the wearer camouflaged and protect them from various environmental elements.

What was once a necessity has now become a style statement. By donning neutral tones, you can create a timeless and classic look that can be dressed up or down with minimal effort. For instance, pair a tan skirt with a white blouse and an olive green scarf for everyday wear or take it up a notch with bold boots and a statement necklace.

Layer Your Look with Contrasting Fabrics

Layering your outfit is a great way to add depth, texture and interest to your look. Not only does it open up a variety of options, but it also allows you to create a warm and comfortable outfit that’s perfect for cooler climates.

Grab some classic pieces like flannel shirts, denim jackets and chunky cardigans to layer on top of each other. If you don’t want to go all out, simply opt for a subtle mix of fabrics such as cotton and wool or linen and suede. This will give your outfit a more interesting dimension and make it stand out from the crowd.

Be Mindful of the Materials

cotton fabric


When shopping for women’s country clothes, you need to pay attention to the quality of the material. This means looking for pieces that are made out of natural fabrics, such as cotton, linen and wool. Although they’re considered more expensive, they provide superior comfort and durability – something that we all need and want in our wardrobes.

If you want to get into the heart of country style, go for pieces with interesting textures like corduroy and flannel. Their intricate weaves and patterns will instantly add a rustic touch to the whole ensemble without compromising on comfort or style.

Look for Items with Fringe Details

Fringe is one of the defining elements of the western look, with its multiple strands of thread creating a striking and ethereal effect. The way it moves and sways as you walk is mesmerising, so it’s no surprise that many women are tempted to add a few fringe pieces to their outfit combos.

Look for items with subtle fringing details, such as blazers, bomber jackets and handbags. They’re generally found on the sleeves, lapels and edges of the item, giving it an interesting twist that won’t go unnoticed. For a more subtle look, go for items with tonal colour fringe details or contrast fringing depending on your style.

Accessorise Accordingly

What’s a great outfit without a few carefully selected accessories? Luckily, the western vibe has slithered into the accessories market, meaning that you don’t have to search high and low for flawless items.

The classic cowboy hat is a definite trademark, with several modern variations available. The traditional style is usually a wool-felt hat while the modern version offers more versatility and can come in both leather and straw. The Derby and Panama both have a wide, flat brim and are perfect for adding instant glamour to any outfit.

Additionally, statement belts have always been associated with the countryside. Back then, people wore them as a sign of status, with each belt buckle telling a different story. They used to flaunt their achievements and sometimes even their wealth.

Today, they are more of a fashion statement with hundreds of styles available – from classic leathers to beaded and embroidered designs. You don’t need to go all out with a chunky buckle, though – a simple and minimal design will do the trick.

Prioritise Comfort Over Style

comfortable women's country clothes


Finally, focus on the way the women’s country clothing makes you feel. It doesn’t matter if your outfit looks great or if your belt is shiny and expensive. What counts is that you’re comfortable with the items you’re wearing and that you can move around freely.

For example, cowboy boots are one of the main types of ladies’ shoes. But if they make your feet hurt after a few hours, then you don’t have to wear them. Instead, opt for a practical style like ankle boots or flat shoes to ease up on the aches and pains.

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