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young woman drawing with pencil

6 Gifts for Artists That Will Inspire Their Creativity

Even though it might seem hard to shop for your favourite artist and find great gift ideas for a birthday, holiday, or just because, it doesn’t have to be stressful or break the bank. The best gifts for artists get them thinking creatively and are made for both new and experienced artists, depending on their skill levels. Before you buy your favourite artist a fun gift to help them be creative, you should think about the following things: what kind of artist the gift is for, does it let them be creative, does it come with easy-to-follow directions, and what are the age ranges.

1. Art Pencils

black and white pencil sketch
source: cassart.co.uk

Different kinds of drawing pens can be very useful for any artist, whether they are just starting out or are already well-known. Drawing with a specific type of art tool helps one think in new ways and encourages imagination before starting out a new project or creating one with just a piece of paper and a pencil. Sketching on a daily basis will improve one’s ability to solve problems and help an artist grow as a person, hence these important traits make it possible to think critically, which can lead to new ideas and discoveries. You can easily order pencils online for sketching and drawing to help your beloved giftee get better at expressing one’s artistic ideas.

2. Personalized Sketchbook

If you want to give a painter a gift that will help them with their work, other than quality pencils and brushes, look for something with a special touch. So, you’ve given them something they can actually use as well as something a little bit different and unique. Many artists, not just painters and designers, need sketchbooks, so you can be sure they’ll put them to good use. Putting their name or brand on the front of the sketchbook makes it more special, and your artist is likely to keep it for a long time.

3. Leather Paint Brush Roll

leather roll with brushes
source: majorleather.com

If you want to be known as the best gift-giver ever, you can personalise a leather roll to make it a unique and welcome gift for an artist friend. It can be used by artists who want to take their favourite brushes outside to paint when the mood hits. This beautiful, buttery-smooth, full-grain leather roll will also be liked by other artists who like to travel. The interior is usually soft raw suede and can hold up to 20 brushes or pencils. Two medium-sized pockets can hold more extensive meetings or other art tools. The leather tie closes the roll to keep its contents safe while moving.

4. Professional Sketching Supplies

sketching book and pencils
source: freepik.com

Graphite and charcoal pencils in a professional-quality set are one of better gifts for artists who have experience creating portraits. It has all of the essentials like a 4B soft eraser, kneaded eraser, paper eraser pencils, a craft knife to sharpen the pencils, and a durable roll to organize all 29 pieces. There are several extra slots for additional pencils, markers, or other art supplies. The little artist in your life or even the professional artist will appreciate the fun they can have making beautiful art with this full sketching set. Moreover, the case rolls up so it’s easier to transport all sketching supplies when travelling. The belt that secures the roll can also be wrapped around up to a 94 cm waist as a type of artist’s tool belt.

5. Artist Smock

Art smocks are not the same as aprons, but some people call them “art aprons.” Smocks, on the other hand, have many pockets that make it easier to carry your art supplies than an apron. Artists carry around a lot of tools and brushes, and even a single bag would make their job a lot easier. Smocks, on the other hand, don’t just have one pocket—they have many, and they’re not small like the pockets on most other clothes. Instead, an art smock has pockets that are made to hold your most-used tools and art supplies so they are always close by while you work.

One important thing that makes art smocks different from aprons is the number of pockets. If you think one would be more productive if they use their hands less while working, you should get an artist’s smock with a lot of pockets.

6. Art Studio Sign

Personalised gifts are a great choice, as we’ve already seen. So, a personalised sign for an artist friend’s studio is another way to show them you care while also making use of their work and hobby. This is a good idea for an artist’s gift if their studio is at home because it can help separate the living space from the work area. Also, seeing their name and image up there can encourage an artist to keep working every day, knowing that someone, like you, believes in them.

The bottom line is, finding the perfect gift for an artist can be a wonderful opportunity to inspire their creativity and support their artistic journey. Our gift suggestions offer a range of options that cater to different artistic preferences and needs. You can easily order pencils, artistic supplies and a plethora of other unique gifts to ignite a spark of inspiration and encourage artists to explore new creative avenues.

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