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Motorcycle Rider

A Beginners Guide to Motorcycle Protection Gear

Unlike automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents are usually far more serious and they can have devastating consequences. Because of this, all motorcycle riders, regardless of their skill level, should make sure they’re as protected as possible. The most likely body parts to get injured in case of a collision are the head, legs, and arms, which is why it is of utmost importance to wear the right pieces of protective gear.

Nowadays, you can find protective gear and clothing in almost any motorcycle parts and accessories store online. There is a wide variety of models regarding style, fit and colour. However, in case you’re new to this hobby and don’t know what exactly to look for when buying your safety gear, here are the most essential motorcycle parts and accessories to look for.


Helmets are mandatory in Australia, and they need to meet certain specific requirements. Your head is your most delicate body part and needs to be optimally protected. Do good research on the products you’re looking to buy, and make sure the product abides by all necessary laws and regulations. Get an extra helmet if you’re riding with a passenger because they too must wear one when riding with you. Furthermore, you might want to consider some eye area protection in the form of goggles. Goggles help you against the wind if you don’t have a weather shield on your helmet and bike.

Hand Protection

When you fall, you instinctively reach out with your hands to protect your body, which means that your hands usually suffer the most damage. Motorcycle gloves are made of durable materials that not only protect you from falls but from the weather elements when riding as well. Furthermore, they improve your grip on the handles when riding in wet weather, which can significantly improve the control you have over your bike.

Jackets and Pants

Motorcycle jackets and pants are usually made using durable materials that offer a decent amount of cushioning. Usually, synthetic materials and leather are the materials of choice, and whichever type you end up choosing, you should make sure they fit you just right. Your comfort is important and you shouldn’t compromise it by wearing too loose or too tight clothes.


Your boots should cover your entire foot, including the ankle and lower part of the leg. Don’t drive your bike when wearing sneakers, as they offer little to no protection whatsoever. Biker boots are usually made of durable materials that offer the ultimate impact protection and have good abrasion resistance.

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