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Complete skateboards

A Shopping Guide for Complete Skateboards

Skateboarding is one of those awesome hobbies that not only looks amazing but also feels amazing. On top of that, it can easily be an extreme sport as you’ll be doing cool-looking tricks all the time, once you master the art of moving on a skateboard.

However, getting a skateboard isn’t as simple as merely picking a random one, as there are a lot of basic elements to consider. Because of this, most opt for a complete skateboard to make this decision easier. So, what is a complete skateboard? This is a type of skateboard that can be described as a prebuilt one because you’ll be getting a complete package from the get-go.

Advantages of a Complete Skateboard

A complete skateboard

Source: skateboardershq.com

As mentioned previously, a complete skateboard is a prebuilt one that allows you to skip the whole process of picking specific parts for yourself in order to get straight into the action. That’s because you might make certain mistakes on things you won’t even know are important, such as getting trucks that are too wide or too narrow, or wheels that might be too hard or too soft. You wouldn’t want your first experience with skateboarding to be a waste of time and money because you didn’t know that getting a complete skateboard is a good choice.

On top of that, you won’t be able to understand the differences in quality between most skateboards, so why waste all that time and effort when you could be learning the tricks behind riding a skateboard. Even if you’re a seasoned skateboarding veteran, having a good backup is always a nice option to have because you might want to buy complete skateboards so as to have something to fall back on if something were to happen to your main custom ride. Either way, the complete package is a good deal for both pros and beginners alike.


Complete skateboard

Source: brailleskateboarding.com

One of the key and most important disadvantages to getting a complete board is the fact that you’re trading away the ability to have it customised. If you’re someone who knows exactly what you’re looking for, you might potentially find the parts lacking.

Not the overall quality of the parts themselves, mind you, but the exact dimensions, materials used, and the like. That’s because the materials themselves that are used for complete makes often differ in quality, which might result in some early chips and flat spots. The bearings might also hinder the wheels’ spinning speed, and that could be a problem in the long run. However, for the cost of such skateboards, which is often significantly lower than custom ones, these downsides might not bother you as much.


Different complete skateboards

Source: wold-sport.ueniweb.com

One of the most basic elements to look out for when you want to buy complete skateboards is their dimensions, most notably the width. That’s because certain widths are intended for specific ages. That is, the widest skateboards tend to be 20cm and over, for ages 13 and over, with the smallest ones being around 16cm, intended for ages around 5. The width can play a role in how well you perform tricks, but it often comes down to personal preference.

Length, however, plays a much more crucial role when you’re picking out your skateboard. Older riders above the age of 10 are recommended to use full-sized skateboards, which are usually around 80cm, something longer. Only a young rider under the age of 10 should consider the shorter mini skateboard. That’s because the full-sized ones tend to be significantly more balanced, even if they might allow you to perform some tricks easily.


Parts of complete skateboard

Source: titus-shop.com

Wheels are arguably the main component of any skateboard, and that’s true when you’re picking out complete ones. However, one of the most important things to remember is that you won’t have any say in what kind of wheels you’ll be using, but most of them are in the 50-55mm range, and will most likely be using the standard 99a durometer. That means the wheels will be sufficiently sturdy, and will most likely be well-adapted to the board. Picking wheels is an advanced aspect of skateboarding, so this will most likely appeal to you if you’re still learning the ropes, or are just getting into skateboarding.

Trucks are a similar matter. They are also an advanced part of picking a skateboard, but you should know that they will not be very tight on the skateboard. That’s because their tightness comes down to your preference, and your weight, and you will want to tighten them according to yourself once you get a skateboard. It might seem like a huge deal at first, but you will definitely appreciate the fact that you’re not bogging yourself down in crazy detail about which trucks to get from the start.

To Sum Up

A complete skateboard

Source: skateboardershq.com

Complete skateboards are almost never the ultimate boards that win professional competitions or tournaments. They are meant to be your reliable ticket into the world of skateboarding, to be your backup if you have a custom one already, or to have something that will allow you to have a quick and unexpected ride abroad. If you’re looking to answer the question on whether or not complete skateboards are a good option, then the answer would be unequivocally yes, with the slight caveat of checking if the parts are well-made. They most often are, but true-high quality skateboard parts cost a premium, which is why complete skateboards are significantly more affordable.

Skateboarding is a very fun hobby and sport, and something that should be enjoyed at all times by a lot of people. Complete skateboards are an amazing way to get into the field of skateboarding or to just have a reliable fall-back if something happens to your main ride. If push comes to shove, and you end up not liking skateboarding anyway, you’ll be glad that you didn’t spend tons of money on something you don’t enjoy. But still, skateboarding is something that becomes immensely enjoyable with a bit of practice, so make sure not to forget that.

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