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Alfresco Area: Extend Your Fun Outdoors

Taking the lovely weather into account (when I say lovely, I mean no harsh winters), it’s not surprising for us Aussies to come to love the outdoor space as much as the indoors. The outdoor area is the extension of your home, so it should provide the same amount of comfort. To be able to make the most of this space, all you need to focus on is building up that comfort, and enjoy the creating and decorating process.

I know you’re immediately thinking of the furniture, already having set your eyes on some pieces, but there’s much more to comfort than that as you’d get to see.

Having an ideal alfresco area means enjoying the space with others, being the life of the party and entertaining guests with plenty of get-togethers, and since there’s no entertaining Aussie-style without the good ol’ BBQ, you have to simply make room for an outdoor kitchen. Apart from the BBQ, and a counter or two for chopping ingredients and preparing meals, it’s also good to have a stainless steel outdoor refrigerator. You have the drinks cool, and save yourself the bother of trips to the indoor refrigerator.

Refrigerators made of stainless steel were made to be durable, as they were designed for harsh applications, and can be fitted just about anywhere, even in cabinets, as they don’t require ventilation. Along with energy efficiency, it’s advisable to look for a stainless steel outdoor refrigerator that’s made of ozone friendly components – that way you know your alfresco area is eco-friendly!

Where there’s a kitchen, there’s a dining room; acquire the adequate dining table and chairs that fit well into the area, and the number of guests you have in mind of entertaining. It wouldn’t hurt to get some extra chairs, foldable, and easy to store, in case you need extra seating – they always come in handy.

Don’t forget to envision the whole process, detailing out the area, using every bit of the space prudently. That includes making up your mind on the addition of other elements, like a TV, sitting lounges, and of course, plenty of comfy cushions. As soon as you’ve taken care of that, you can tie it all together with specific elements to add some warmth to the area; that could be in the form of lighting fixtures, or a colourful rug.

Then again, you needn’t be reminded on the importance of covering up the area properly, so you’d protect your furnishing from the blistering sunlight and rusting, and extend your entertainment time so no cold or rain would interrupt your fun outdoors.

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