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All You Need to Know about Dog Worms

There’s no doubt that dogs are one of the cutest living creatures, especially in the puppy phase. However, that doesn’t mean that foul things can’t inhabit cute things. I am talking about worms. These living slimy parasites cannot only make your pet ill, but they can pose a danger to humans as well. That being said, here’s what you need to know about dog worms and how to treat them.

Signs of Illness are Not Always Shown

According to veterinarians, not all dogs can show immediate signs of illness. Some dogs can have worms in their lungs or intestines without showing symptoms, especially in the beginning which can be really tricky. Despite looking healthy, on the inside, worms can cause serious infections, causing the dog to shed extremely dangerous worm eggs from which people can get infected as well. For these reasons, veterinarians recommend routine de-worming even when the dog looks perfectly fine and in good health. The common dog worm Toxocara canis can be passed on to humans. If they have a healthy and good immune system, the person can deal effectively with the challenge on their own, however, if one has poor immune system or children get infected, the worm larvae can migrate throughout the tissues ending up in the brain/eye causing serious health problems (seizures and blindness, to name a few).

What about the Real Symptoms?!

Although some dogs won’t show any sign of having worms, some of them can show a lot of signs, dramatic ones too. It’s like going from one extreme to the other. Weight-loss, ravenous appetite, pot-bellied appearance, gastro-intestinal disorders like diarrhoea and vomiting are some of them. Some worms can even lead to more serious and life-threatening illnesses. Lungworms, for example, can cause difficulties with breathing, coughing and they can even prevent the blood from clotting. This can lead to haemorrhage or to be more precise, a brain haemorrhage which can cause death without any warning sign.

Individual Worming Recommendations

Although usually, over-the-counter medications can perfectly do their jobs, veterinarians advise dog owners to take their dogs for individual worming recommendations. There are lots of dog wormer tablets available on the market, but not all of them can aid your dog. While some dogs will need dog wormer in the form of tablets, others might require spot-on products. Some of them will have their faecal tested for worms in order to receive the right treatment. In other words, don’t be your own veterinarian. Take your dog to a real one as not all dog worming products can have the same effect on different dogs. Another alternative is to consider ordering de-worming products online and consult with the team from the company through a phone call. That way, they can be able to tell you whether your dog really needs closer attention, or it can all be solved with a simpler method.

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