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Decorated room with orange bed sheet and bookshelf

Bed Sheet Guide: Soft and Comfy Bedding Brings Comfort Like Nothing Else

Maintaining a consistent sleeping schedule is key for leading a healthy, well-balanced life. Now, we know that our daily habits are responsible for what time we go to bed each night. But another factor that also plays a huge role in our sleeping pattern is obviously the bed that we sleep in along with the sheets. In fact, nothing will boost your melatonin levels like getting into a comfy bed covered with soft and smooth bed sheets.

But when it comes to choosing the proper bedding, you might find it to be a bit challenging. This could be because most people pay more attention to the mattress and pillows, completely disregarding the coverings. That said, it’s important to know all about the main features of bed sheets in order to make a good purchase.

Thread Count

Women making bed

An important detail you should pay attention to when buying your bed sheets is the overall thread count. A general rule that applies here is that the higher the number of threads, the softer the sheets and the more likely they are to last longer. So, undeniably, when shopping for snug single, queen or king size sheet sets 1000 thread count products are recommended.

Now, if you are fairly new to sheet buying, a question that might pop up in your head is – What does 1000 thread count mean? Well, the thread count is actually the total number of vertical and horizontal filaments on a piece of sheeting, more precisely – the overall count of strings per square inch or per 10 square centimetres.

A great advantage of sheets that come with higher thread counts is the fact that they are a lot denser and significantly warmer. And, after multiple times of washing, they will only get softer and comfier. So, if you are looking for a design with an irresistible soft touch to it and with impeccable warming abilities, then definitely go for 1000 count thread sheets.

Sheet Fabrics

Another crucial feature you should consider besides the thread number is the type of fabric. Now, there are a ton of materials out there, but there are only a few worthy ones that really make up good quality bedding.


Bed with white cotton sheet

First off, we have the cotton covers. Cotton is a widely known, all-natural material that is popular for several reasons. It is very breathable, highly durable, very soft and is gentle to all skin types, even sensitive ones. However, when it comes to sheets, there are three main types of cotton you can choose from.

Initially, there is the number-one option that is the so-called Egyptian cotton. It is a long-staple fabric that exceeds in softness, durability and vibrancy. The name comes from the land where this kind is grown – the Nile River Valley of Egypt. It is the most luxurious variety which makes an excellent investment, although it can be pricey.

Next up is the Pima cotton. Being a runner-up to the Egyptian cotton, Pima also comes with an extra-long staple and it is known for its’ outstanding resistance and smoothness. What’s good about it is that its’ price tag is also not as high, so it’s a very affordable material with top-quality features. The growth place of this fabric is mainly the United States.

Lastly, a popular pick is the Upland cotton, which is also grown on American soil. This variety comes with relatively short fibres that don’t offer the preferred luxurious and soft touch. However, it is still 100% natural and makes a great pick if you want to go for less pricey bedding.


Wooden bed with light green sheet on it

Now, other than cotton, another common material used in sheet manufacturing is linen. People go for linen because it makes an ideal investment, given that it only gets softer after each use and washing process. It is also a kind that comes from natural sources – the flax plant. Its fine fibres are completely bacteria-resistant and allow great breathability, making it a perfect choice for people with sensitive skin.

Another advantage that linen offers is the fact that it can be used at any time of the year. It can work both as a great insulator and as a sheet which allows good airflow during the hot summer days.


Lastly, worthy of mentioning is the irreplaceable silk sheets and pillowcases. If you tend to read trendy beauty magazines or if you follow some of the best influencers, you will find that they highly recommend using silky bed sheets. They do wonders in regulating the body temperature, are ideal for preventing wrinkles and hair-pulling during sleep, help retain moisture of the hair and body and they absolutely feel great. And on top of all of that, it’s undeniable that silk is the ultimate aesthetically pleasing material.


Weave fabric

The fabric weave has the ability to change how a sheet can feel, look and how long it will be able to last. The two most desirable and requested weave kinds are sateen and percale.

Percale ones are woven by following the ‘one under and one over’ method, meaning that one thread goes on top and the other one is right under. They are quite the luxurious pick and offer a crisp touch followed by a matte finish. It is perfect for the summer season.

On the other hand, sateen happens to be much more complicated when it comes to making it. The pattern that it follows is ‘three over and one under’ or in some cases – ‘four over, one under’. This type, while not to be confused with satin, does share some similar features with it. It is super smooth with a shiny finish, and it is ideal for the frosty winter weather. It is heavy, warming and extra cosy.

Final Thoughts

So, if you are looking for ways to improve your sleeping routine, then put your bedding into consideration. An anatomical pillow or a memory foam mattress will do wonders for your mind and body, but what you will definitely need for a finishing touch is a cosy queen or king size sheet sets 1000 thread count colelction. Get these sleeping essentials today and be ready to say goodbye to restless nights.

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