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hydrophobic blade wipers

Benefits of Hydrophobic Blade Wipers

Whether it’s while they’re commuting through the wet season in the north, or navigating off-road tracks in the south, every driver expects their windshield wipers to perform flawlessly. Quite often though, the intervals between when we replace our wiper blades turn out to be much longer than they should.

Make no mistake: even on sunny days, the glare from a dirty windshield can make driving a challenge. However, when that fine layer of sediment is combined with rain or humidity, your restricted visibility is only going to be worsened by worn or ineffective wipers.

Silicone-blended wiper blades are designed specifically for regions where the mix of heavy precipitation and tiny particles pose the greatest risk to drivers. Not all silicone-blended blades are the same, though. There’s one type of blade that’s exceptionally effective at clearing windshields when the elements are at their worst, and it’s the wiper blade that every Australian driver needs to have.

Keep Your Windscreen Clear At All Times With Hydrophobic

Let’s face it: there are a lot of wiper blades available that are made from all types of materials. They all move water, but only high-quality Hydrophobic car wiper blades are manufactured from a patented water-repellent, silicone-infused compound that applies a protective coating to your windshield with every swipe.

Unlike standard rubber-based, or lesser quality silicone blades that require silicone pre-treatment, the low friction silicone-blended compound used in Hydrophobic windshield wiper blades are designed to:

·   Promote an active water-beading effect that keeps water running at all times;

·   Prevent water build-up on windshields that would result in smearing and streaking; and,

·   Provide a strong coating that helps keep your windshield clear at all times.

With authentic silicone infusion, you’re buying windscreen wiper blades that lay on a protective coating that even makes the removal of mud, insects, and other unavoidable windscreen contaminants easy without persistent rain. And with silicone’s extreme temperature resistance from -50°C to 250°C, these are ideal wipers for a country where rain, snow, and scorching heat are unavoidable.

hydrophobic blade wipers

Hydrophobic Wiper Blades are Guaranteed to Last Longer

While Hydrophobic Windscreen Wiper blades are best known for their water-beading ability, their resilient silicone-blended construction plays a significant role in how resistant they are to premature wear or aging. They’re not prone to the instantaneous UV and ozone degradation that ordinary rubber, or surface-coated blades are. This places them among the most durable wiper blades for sale anywhere in the world.

With a pair of long-lasting, silicone-infused wipers installed on your car or truck, you never have to worry about:

·   The chattering and stuttering that’s common with blades that have hardened;

·   Torn or ripped blade edges due to excess friction or drying out; or,

·   Cracking of the blade body due to uneven wear pressure.

Ideally, no matter which type of car wipers you have, you need to inspect them regularly for any signs of wear that could lead to them scratching your windscreen or damaging your wiper arms. When you buy genuine silicone-infused wipers though, you can feel confident that are designed to last up to 3 times longer than ordinary wipers, come with their own 2-year warranty, and won’t harm the rest of your vehicle.  

hydrophobic screen wipers

You Get a Better Fit and Less Noise With Hydrophobic Blades

You can buy silicone-infused Hydrophobic wiper blades online individually, and they’re designed to fit 98% of the 1984-and-up cars and trucks currently on the road. Hydrophobic blades vary from 7” to 28” in length though, so typically it’s best to verify the length of the blades on your vehicle and then order them accordingly, especially if your vehicle has rear wipers.

And when it comes to fitment, you can’t beat the flat, multi-fit style that Hydrophobic car wipers for sale take advantage of. Instead of the clunky conventional framework that most manufacturers use, multi-fit blades have a pre-tensioned metal frame that runs the full length of the wiper that allows for:

·   Greater downforce and conformity with the shape of the windscreen;

·   More consistent pressure applied along the entire edge of the blade; and,

·   Increased stability against wind gusts during adverse conditions or at higher speeds. 

The inherent reduction of friction that you get when you buy windscreen wipers that are silicone infused also means that you’re getting a quieter wiper. All wipers normally begin to squeak as they age, but the protective coating that’s continuously applied by Hydrophobic wipers prevents them from flooding your interior with unwanted squeaking.

  man holding hydrophobic blade wipers

Easy Replacement Makes Switching to Hydrophobic Blades the Smart Selection

You can also rest assured that when you buy Hydrophobic car wipers online that the installation process is going to be just as straightforward as placing the order was. It’s an easy, 2-step process, and installation of the new blade is exactly the reverse of removing the old one. 

Remove the Old Wiper

After lifting the wiper arm and old wiper blade away from the windshield, rotate the old blade perpendicular to arm, release the locking tab on the blade, rotate it back to a parallel position with the wiper arm, and simply slide the blade off the arm hook.

Install the New Hydrophobic Wiper

With the locking tab open on the Hydrophobic blade, slide it parallel onto the arm hook, rotate the blade perpendicular to the arm, close the locking tab, rotate the blade back to the parallel position with the arm, and place the assembly back against the windshield.

There aren’t any special tools required, and you can have both wipers swapped out in 2 minutes. All that’s left to do is test your new Hydrophobic wipers with wiper fluid (always avoid using your wipers on a dry windshield) and that’s it. You’ll immediately notice how much clearer your windscreen is after every swipe.

man installing new windscreen wipers

The Final Word

At the end of the day, your wiper blades’ condition are a crucial aspect of your vehicle’s overall safety compliance and roadworthiness. And while every car and truck on the road has to have them, a handful are clearly designed to perform better and last longer than the others.    

No matter how wet or messy the driving gets, with high-quality Hydrophobic car wiper blades, you’ll have clear, streak-free vision every time you’re behind the wheel. They’re the optimum replacement wiper, and you can look forward to getting years of quality use out of them. 

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