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Best Christmas Gifts for a Charlotte Hornets Fan

Did you know that basketball was invented by a physical education teacher from Springfield, Massachusetts, named James Naismith? It dates back to 1891 and the rules have changed a lot since then. It was played with another ball, no dribbling or slam dunk was allowed, there were 9 players on each team on the court and the game was much shorter.

There are a lot of teams participating in the biggest basketball league, the NBA. Teams such as The Lakers, Nets, Bulls, Hawks and Hornets have fans all over the world and are often an inspiration for gift giving, especially at Christmas time. If your friend is a Hornets fan, here are the best gifts for the upcoming Christmas.

LaMelo Jersey

If there’s one gift that always brings joy to a basketball fan’s face, it’s the jersey of their favourite player. If your friend is a Hornets fan, you should buy the latest LaMelo Ball Hornets jersey. LaMelo is an iconic player that contributes immensely to the game, hence, gaining many fans all over the world. Manufacturers put a lot of thought into creating this amazing jersey.

It bears the team’s bold colours, a mix of turquoise and Olympic blue with a few white strips coming down vertically. It expresses LaMelo’s iconic identity and his talent. The double-knit fabric creates a first-class jersey that looks good whenever you wear it and however you style it. The fit is cosy and looks good from every angle, without awkward stitches or mismatching of the lines.

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The manufacturer is also eco-friendly and created the jersey from 100% recycled polyester fibres making the LaMelo Ball Hornets jersey lightweight and durable at the same time. Its sweat-wicking abilities make it a great choice for a game or two with the boys on the court, without having to change shirts. Long story short, it’s perfect to keep a person cool when they need it the most.

One great feature is that the numbers and names on the jersey are not stitched. They’re imprinted with heat-applied graphics, making them a permanent part of the jersey. Of course, the material is machine-washable, so your friend won’t have to worry about washing it by hand. They’ll feel like a pro by just wearing it in at the house.

When it comes to sizing, it’s almost always universal. But there are companies that have their own sizing chart so keep an eye on that when you buy this gift. Make sure you remember your friend’s shirt size and go from there. If they’re an S size, the length should be around 71cm and the width 48cm. If they’re a size 2XL the length would be around 78.5cm and the width 64cm.


A hat is another piece of clothing that can come in handy for every person. But a Hornets hat matching the LaMelo Ball jersey would make any fan of theirs really happy. It’s a practical item that serves several functions. First, it protects from the sun on hot summer days. Keeping the sun’s rays at bay can be very convenient. Second, it covers the head and provides protection in case of a fall. And finally, it can be a very stylish piece of clothing to combine.

You know that your friend will wear this hat with pride, no matter if the Hornets win or lose. It comes in many different colours, like black with a white emblem, white or grey with a black emblem and the recognisable blue-coloured hat with a white emblem. The under visor is always in contrast with the main colour which gives it a special flair.

hornets hat

The emblem is always embroidered and made of high-quality materials. The main material is polyester, and you should only dry clean it. At the back, there’s an adjustable fabric strap. This way you know that it’ll be a perfect fit for anyone, and you don’t have to replace it. And if you get a matching LaMelo Ball Hornets jersey, there’s nothing in this world that would make a better Christmas gift.


This is a gift that’ll show how creative and fun you are. It’s a very offbeat and creative present and the person will love it without a doubt. You can personalise it and a twist of your own. You have so many choices when it comes to players in the Hornets, from LaMelo, and Miles Bridges, to Gordon Hayward, LiAngelo and even their coach Steve Clifford.

Besides getting the players in their jerseys, you can add a twist of your own. Some initials on the jersey, a funny hat on the head, a pet by their side or a personal message at the bottom. The possibilities are endless. This is a gift suitable for any occasion, birthday, anniversaries, graduations and especially Christmas, the time when everything is jolly.


hornets shirt

When the cold is already around us, and everyone needs that extra layer of warmth, a hoodie as a gift is an excellent idea. This is an awesome Christmas present for any Hornets fan. This is a remarkably adaptable piece of clothing that the person can take anywhere with them. Wherever they go, they’ll look and feel amazing. Partly because the hoodie is warm, cosy and functional, and partly because it features their favourite team on the court.

You can find different prints with many variations of the logo and the team’s name. Colours can vary as well. Think about the clothing your friend has and try to match the hoodie with them. They’ll be happy to have it, and will wear it with joy on any occasion.

Autographed Memorabilia

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We spend a lot of money on gifts around Christmas but investing them in autographed memorabilia may be the best way to do it. A true Hornets fan will be over the moon to see something signed by their favourite player. You can get so many signed items, a LaMelo jersey, a basketball, a cap, a picture or even an ordinary piece of paper. No matter what it is, it’ll have a great value. It’s a unique present that no one will be likely to give them in the future. It’s a gift they’ll truly appreciate and care for, for the rest of their life.

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