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Bike Storage: What Makes Sheds the Best Solution?

Riding a bicycle every day or just during the weekends is a great way to stay healthy. Cycling makes the whole body move which helps improve blood flow, lower cholesterol levels and improve heart health too. Since your bike takes care of you, it’s important that you take care of it too. Regular maintenance is a good first step but what can keep your bike safe from the elements and prying is a bike shed. Bicycle sheds provide the space necessary for you to store your bike but they can be much more than just that if you know what to look for in one.

What to Consider


The size of the shed will depend on that of the bike but usually there are two types sheds when it comes to width. Bike sheds for road bikes are going to be anywhere between 38 cm and 46 cm wide, whilst sheds for mountain/ hybrid bikes are between 51 cm and 61 cm wide. You’ll need to measure the height and length of your bicycle too and take into consideration the accessories that come with it. Usually if you have only one bike, you’ll need a shed that’s about 1.8 m long and about 60 cm wide. 2 bikes will require a shed of the same length and width of 90 cm. Just add about 30 cm of width for every bike.


Bikes in Bike Sheds Storage
Bicycle sheds are usually made of wood, plastic, metal or PVC. Wooden sheds may not be the most popular when it comes to storing bikes but they are a good option regarding aesthetics and customisation. You can easily paint the shed to your liking but when it comes to durability you’ll have to put in some work. Wooden sheds need to be maintained with a preserving sealer on the regular in order to prevent rot and termite attacks.

Metal sheds are the most popular since they make for a strong structure that can last for years to come. Although they too need some maintenance, metal sheds are not as needy and if you go with a shed made of powder-coated steel, there will be no need for maintenance. Steel is however not as visually appealing as wood and it can easily corrode if you reside in a humid area. To prevent corrosion you will need to treat the shed well.

Plastic sheds are an affordable solution with features similar to those of metal sheds. They do not need any maintenance and they are impact resistant too, especially against dents, chipping or cracking. Much like metal sheds, plastic sheds are not as good as wood sheds when it comes to customising. PVC bicycle sheds are the most affordable and lightest option out of all four. PVC sheds are weather resistant and they pop open allowing you to have a more convenient bike storage space.


Bike Sheds Storage
No matter the neighbourhood you live in it’s always a good idea to have a shed where you bike(s) will stay safe. Although metal sheds will be the best solution in this case, they are not necessarily going to be the only solution. You can still get wooden or plastic sheds reinforced with steel components to ensure that the shed provides solid protection from theft and the elements too.


One important factor that not many people seem to consider is easy access. Putting the shed in a corner of your backyard will keep your yard tidy but the bike(s) won’t be as accessible. Having easy access to your bicycle(s) is especially important for people who ride every day. In this case, you should also consider a bike shed that allows you to put your bike in and out without interfering with the placement of other bikes or accessories.

Environmental Impact

A shed made of wood will have the least negative effect on the environment. Although wooden sheds also have a negative impact on the environment, they are not on the same level as plastic or metal sheds. Wood sheds will pull carbon from the air and store it as long as you have the shed for. Plastic and metal sheds require large amounts of carbon to be generated in order to for them to be made. Although they can be recycled, the recycling process still produces CO2.

How to Store Bikes in a Shed?


In order to make the most out of bike sheds you need to have everything neatly placed. Your bike isn’t the only thing that’s going to be stored – tools, gear and bike accessories also need to be where your bike is. The tools you use the most will need to be close to the entrance with the bike placed on a rack or in the middle of the shed if it’s not that big.

Bike Rack

A bike rack is a necessity when it comes to saving space and having things organised. A rack will help you store your bike without taking up a lot of space but make sure to take into consideration the space needed to move around your bicycle.


Alongside the shed, the bike also needs to be secured from theft. Placing a padlock on the shed is a good starting point but you’ll also need to lock your bicycle for some additional protection. For utmost security, you can replace the shed’s door hinge as they are usually a weak point.

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