Ceylon Black Tea vs. Coffee: Which Is Better?
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Ceylon Black Tea vs. Coffee: Which Is Better?

Have you ever heard that you should be cautious when drinking coffee and black tea?! Well, that’s because both of these products contain a certain amount of caffeine, and taking too much of something isn’t good. Even though rare, caffeine overdose may occur, so it would be better if you keep things under control by balancing caffeine intake on a daily basis.

As you can assume by now, due to the caffeine, both of these tasty drinks are beneficial for improving our energy levels and keeping us fresh and animated throughout the day. Both of them have similarities and differences, and only by understanding them you’ll be able to understand which would be better for you.

What Is Ceylon Black Tea?

This type of black tea is known as Ceylon as well as Sri Lankan tea due to the fact it’s produced on the island nation of Sri Lanka or formerly known as Ceylon. The reason I’ve singled out Sri Lanka teas from the rest is because their flavour, taste, and benefits are better than the same teas produced in different regions because of their particular climate, soil type, and the enormous range in elevation, weather and plant varietals.

black tea ceylon
Source: steepeddreams.com

That being said, the heavenly tasty and awakening black tea Ceylon with bold flavour may be fuller and brisker in flavour than your regular black teas. It’s said that this tea has medium to full tannins and some notes of spice, chocolate, and citrus. This amazing drink can be consumed both hot and cold just like coffee, and you can add literally whatever you want in it, from lemon and milk to a range of natural sweeteners.

Since this black tea Ceylon made contains caffeine, it’s recommended to drink it as a morning and afternoon refreshing drink. The amount of caffeine in it will vary depending on the tea leaves and how it’s prepared. While it’s said that tea bags contain more caffeine than tea leaves, you should also know that the preparation time will also affect its caffeine level. Generally, a cup of around 200ml may contain 50 – 90mg of caffeine, depending on the strength to which the tea is brewed.

Is Black Tea Good for You?

Indeed. This tea is an excellent source of antioxidants which are perfect for countering oxidative cell damage. Speaking of antioxidants, this tea is high in polyphenols that block toxins from entering the body. These are also known to kill bacteria that cause plaque, and lower the chances of ovarian cancer. In addition, the black Ceylon tea helps build strong bones, and improves the immune system thanks to its tannins and alkylamine antigens.

black ceylon tea
Source: healthline.com

Further, some studies showed when consumed from tea leaves directly, it may prevent neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, along with green and oolong teas although more research is needed. As far as other benefits, black tea is also great in alleviating upset stomach and nausea, and promotes healthy gut bacteria while eliminating bad bacteria caused by stomach ulcers or salmonella.

Given that it contains caffeine, it will certainly increase your energy levels and it’ll also boost your immune system since it contains vitamins, especially vitamin C. It’s said that black tea is also great for weight loss due to the high concentrations of EGCG which helps the body to burn fat while encouraging it to reduce fat stores. So, it isn’t strange that lots of fitness enthusiasts and professionals use it for reducing the waist size.

What Is Coffee?

Aside from black tea, coffee is another extremely popular energy-improving drink. It’s a drink prepared from roasted coffee beans that come from the plant Coffea. It’s dark coloured, bitter and a bit acidic drink that somehow people adore. In a 200ml cup of black coffee, there’s 95mg of caffeine. The benefits of drinking coffee are great, just like the ones coming from black tea. The only difference between them is the caffeine consistency with black tea containing lower levels of it. This, in fact, is one of the main reasons why it’s considered a healthier drink than coffee.

Aside from boosting energy levels, coffee is also beneficial for our health since it contains antioxidants. It also contains magnesium and potassium which are great for helping you fight sickness. Not to mention, they’re great for reducing your cravings for sweets too. As such, regular coffee drinkers have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. Drinking coffee also helps in regulating high blood pressure and may prevent some neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, just like black tea.

Since both of these products contain caffeine, it’s said that both of them may help in preventing prostate cancer in men, basal cell carcinoma and endometrial cancer in women. The greatest downside of coffee is that unfiltered coffee like espresso contains natural substances that may increase LDL cholesterol or also known as bad cholesterol. So, in case you have been drinking lots of espressos, checking on your LDL cholesterol levels is recommended for having peace of mind.

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