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Dirt bike with detachable indicator

CLICKnRIDE®: Practical and Innovative Detachable Indicators for Dual Sport and Enduro Bikes in Australia

Owning a highway legal enduro, or dual sport bike is one of the most satisfying ways to see, and commute around Oz; and with the right combination of accessories and driveline maintenance, they can take you to work during the week just as reliably as they can to the bush on weekends. They’re not without their share of possible urban and off-road pitfalls though, and the loss of an expensive turn indicator can be an especially troubling prospect.

Everything from errant car doors in Brisbane to overreaching tree branches in the outback can be as detrimental to your turn indicators. That’s why it was only a matter of time before a company like Australia’s own CLICKnRIDE® would devise a simple way to counter the cost and inconvenience of indicator damage. They realized that making them removable would be the best solution, and they’ve developed a system that even makes it practical.

CLICKnRIDE Quick Release Indicators are the Alternative to OE Replacements

Motorbike with indicator on

Let’s be honest: no matter if it’s on the street or the track, there’s nothing good about having an indicator ripped off. It’s a costly, unwanted headache; but fortunately, CLICKnRIDE’s universal motorbike indicators can help you put your turn signal problems in the rearview mirror. With their innovative quick-release plugs, these detachable LED indicators do away with the pricey, time-consuming routine of replacing damaged or missing OE indicators. They offer bright, long-lasting performance of up to 50,000 hours, and are built to withstand the roughest conditions that Oz’s environment can dish out.

CLICKnRIDE indicators were designed for off-roaders and enduro riders with road-legal bikes. However, with their emphasis on practicality, these detachable motorcycle indicators allow all types of riders to quickly remove, and conveniently store their indicators during a full range of situations, including:

  • When off-roading. Detachable motorcycle indicator lights can be removed to prevent them from being broken off in a fall or by heavy brush contact.
  • When parked in urban areas. Removing costly motorcycle turn signals whenever you’re parked is the smart way to prevent them from being stolen or vandalized.
  • Damage preparedness. Wiring your motorcycle for removable aftermarket motorcycle indicators will make replacing a blinker that’s been damaged on the journey to work, easier.

Make no mistake: eventually, every rider faces the prospect of losing an indicator. However, when you have a pair of CLICKnRIDE motorcycle indicator lights installed, you don’t have to worry about rushing out to invest in a costly OE replacement.

CLICKnRIDE Makes Detachable Indicators That Are Practical

Practicality is a key CLICKnRIDE detachable feature; that’s because their motorcycle blinkers are built around a simple, easy-fitting design that includes:

  • Bayonet-style, quick-release spindles;
  • Bulkhead-style wiring sockets with retaining nuts; and,
  • Resistors to convert incandescent globes to LED.

With their straightforward, weather-resistant wiring and connectors, these aftermarket bike indicators are fully compliant with Australian Design Rule (ADR) guidance on indicator signal brightness and spacing, and are E-Mark certified for compliance with European directions regarding indicator lamps. When it comes to clear signalization and illumination, the CLICKnRIDE’s enhanced polycarbonate lenses boast:

  • 3D “cat eyes” lens optics;
  • Long life, 50,000 hour Philips LEDs; and,
  • Frosted outer surfaces, and crystal bright inner zones.

The seamless construction of CLICKnRIDE motorbike indicators is a clear nod to practicality. Their ultra-sonic seals, and overall UV- and vibration-resistance add up to 100% dustproof and waterproof indicator housing assembly that’s designed especially for the tough conditions found in Australia. That places them in the very select company of a surprisingly small number of aftermarket motorcycle accessories that are genuinely built for all weather conditions.

Removable Indicators Are the Perfect Solution for All Your Bikes

Man putting on CLICKnRIDE motorbike indicator

CLICKnRIDE motorbike indicators for sale can be used as both front and rear indicators, and are sold in 2- and 4-pack quantities, or as individual left or right indicator replacements. They’re also fully compatible with a complete range of Australian-spec dual sport and enduro motorcycle wiring harnesses for:

  • KTM 350 EXCs and EXC-Fs, and 690 Enduros;
  • Yamaha WR 250-Fs and 450-Fs, and XTZ690s;
  • Honda CRF 250s and 450s, and XR 150s;
  • Suzuki DR-Z200s and 400s, and DR-650s; and,
  • Husqvarna 450, 501, and 701 Enduros.

Although CLICKnRIDE assemblies were conceived specifically as dual sport, enduro, and dirt bike indicators, they can still be fitted to any bike with minimal effort. While some installations would require more extensive preparation than others, premium quality spare sockets and wiring harnesses make it easy to install them on any bike in under an hour, even when switching from incandescent globes to LEDs.

And if you have more than one bike, the universal sockets of CLICKnRIDE enduro indicators even allow you to use a single pair of blinkers on all your bikes. It’s the practical way to standardize all your bike indicators while eliminating the cost needed to replace them when they’re broken or damaged.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, there aren’t any options when it comes to replacing a damaged or ripped-off indicator. Your bike’s required to have indicators if it goes on the bitumen, and making them removable is the most practical way to ensure that you have them at all times.

With CLICKnRIDE’s universal motorbike indicators, you never have to worry about damaged turn signals again. They’re the perfectly practical solution to a problem that can occur at any time.

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