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Dementia Products: Ways You Can Lessen the Condition’s Impact

There are just so many things that make up a person’s day. These include simple tasks like eating, dressing and bathing, as well as complex ones like problem solving. When a person’s memory, cognition, and motor control start to suffer due to diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia, everyday life becomes a struggle. This can be very frustrating to a once healthy person, and cause anxiety, anger, and even depression.

Unfortunately, despite recent breakthroughs that raise hope, there’s no proven cure for dementia. However, family members and caregivers can improve a sufferer’s quality of life by helping them preserve some of their independence and make them feel more productive. One way they can do so is by including a person with dementia in as many activities as possible and regularly talking to them – this helps the person remain socially active. But there are also a variety of dementia products Australia stores for living aids offer, which can help combat the effects of this detrimental disease.

Making adaptations and preparing the patient’s home with various dementia living aids can allow the person to continue performing certain tasks independently. Something as simple as special utensils that make eating and drinking easier for the patient, can be a really positive boost for someone with reduced motor abilities. Some of these utensils include non-spill cups with large handles, cutlery with large curved handles that make it easier to grip, non-return straws that make swallowing easier, and more.

As far as memory is concerned, there are special types of memory aids the carer can use to help the dementia patient remember things such as dates, shopping lists, names and other things. Some of these include digital clocks with large numbers that are easier to read, automatic calendars which state the exact date and day of the week, noticeboards for writing reminders down and others. Since dementia can cause a person to forget when to take medication, there are also Automatic pill dispensers which are programmed to note dosing and have an alarm that sounds off when it’s time to take medication.

Dementia can impair movement and take its toll on a person’s body, making them weaker by the day. In the early stages something as simple as a cane can help them get around, while walkers and wheelchairs might be helpful in later stages. Some people might encounter problems getting in or out of a chair/bed, in those cases hoists, pulleys and slings can help. Chairs and beds should also be adjusted to a more convenient height. Grab rails and bars lining the walls of the bathroom can help the person navigate this slippery area safely.

Finally, dementia differs from person to person. And what may be useful for one patient, may not be appropriate for another. It’s important to properly assess the needs of each person, and remain aware of the change as the condition progresses. Not everything we’ve mentioned will be of use, but these are some of the most common dementia products Australia stores offer, and it’s always helpful to know what you have available.

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