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It’s Playtime: The Developmental Benefits for Children Playing with Toy Cars

We want the best for our children as soon as we become parents, wanting to provide them with the best nutrition, and clothing, preparing their nurseries to the smallest of details with adequate furniture, and accessories. In the center of all this is getting them the right toys too.

Given that play is essential for a child, it’s important to provide the toys that have a great role in the developmental process, beneficial for the acquiring of skills, as is the case with childrens wooden toy cars.

Just because they are cars doesn’t make them only toys for boys, but girls too, and the options are many, ranging from family cars, and campers, to vans, race cars, trash cars, doll cars, and forklifts, available in various sizes suitable for multiple applications, just what the young transport loving souls need.

The reason childrens wooden toy cars are considered a classic when it comes to toys is because they are perfect for children of all ages, they are durable, affordable, easy to clean, and most importantly, made of safe materials.

Now, speaking of the aspect of developmental skills, toy cars are ideal for the development of fine motor skills, as there’s strengthening of the hand-eye coordination when building, and repairing cars. There’s also the development of gross motor skills, improving the coordination and strength of the whole body when driving around.

Children imitate us, taking information in like sponges, remembering things we say that they later use in the play, so playing with cars has to do with imaginative play as well, and the development of social skills as it’s the kind of play that more people could participate in. What better way to bond with your child than with joining the car play.

When there’s development of social skills, there’s also an expansion of vocabulary; don’t be surprised if your child learns everything from colours, and numbers, to car parts, like wheels, windshield, doors, steering wheel, seat belt, to name a few, all from games with toy cars.

Whether it seems so or not, children learn about the world around them thanks to toy cars, seeing how things work, action and reaction as is in the example of driving a car fast and seeing it crash, or roll over, and how a car goes on a smooth surface as opposed to a ramp. Taking all of these benefits into consideration, you’d agree the car deserves its place in every toy-box.

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