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Drink Up: Healthy Way to Give Boring Water a Flavour Boost

Morning talk show hosts, our doctors, gym-crazed friends and the whole internet never miss a chance to remind us how drinking plenty of water is essential for our well-being. Of course, we don’t need to be reminded that being well-hydrated keeps our blood pressure balanced, our skin moisturised and fresh and our whole bodies fit and healthy. But, in our busy lives rarely do we remember to stop and take a refreshing sip.

That seems to not be the case with other drinks such as coffee, juice and soda. How come we have time to take harmful substances in our system, and not have the time to drink the life-sustaining fluid that is water? It’s simply because our taste buds have not developed a craving for it. So the question is: How can one learn to enjoy the taste of plain water?


For one, you can look for interesting ways to give it more flavour. Some people buy flavoured water from the supermarket. And sure, that can be one quick way, but those bottles of water can be loaded with hidden sugars and other ingredients that can hinder your path to weight loss. Other people add whole pieces of sliced fruit or vegetables to their water to give it some flavour. I have tried it, and I must say it tastes like the water you use to rinse fruit, or to say – mildly savoury and not at all pleasant. It actually made me want to add some sugar to it.

And that’s when I discovered that with water flavor drops healthy drinking can quickly become a regular habit in your life. These sweet tasting drops are the best way to take water from boring to fabulous without any harmful additives. And the best thing– they are very easy to use. Just sip a couple of drops directly into your water, wait a couple of minutes for them to dissolve and you have a nice refreshing drink. This is less the time it takes you to prepare coffee. Can’t get any more convenient than this.

When it comes to water flavor drops healthy conscientious people make sure that they use something that is 100% organic. And Stevia is the No.1 natural sweetener currently on the market. Stevia water enhancers are made from extracts of the Stevia plant using only purified water. They guarantee that you get that sweet, sugary taste with zero calories involved. Because they are a natural sweetener that does not contain any sugar, people with diabetes can safely take them without risking a glycemic response.

The nice thing about these drops is that they come in small bottles and can easily fit in your pocket, purse or glove compartment. Carrying around a bottle of water together with these drops can make you develop a healthy drinking routine. Over time, when you make it a habit to subconsciously drink your water, you can even skip on the drops and see how that goes for you. And don’t worry, they won’t go to waste. You can use the same drops to spice up other drinks, meals and try alternative recipes that can decrease your calorie intake and help you shed some unwanted kilos.

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