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Fishing: the Equipment You Choose Can Make or Break Your Day

Enjoying a fishing expedition (regardless of whether it’s a week long adventure hundreds of kilometers away from home, or at a local lake or pond), requires a lot more preparation than just grabbing some bait and a rod. There are many items that you should check on your fishing checklist before heading out to try and catch that big game. Experienced fishermen take into consideration the weather, as well as the type of fish they seek before deciding what type of equipment they’ll need on their next fishing adventure.


Today, you can find fishing equipment for basically every kind of fishing – from freshwater to saltwater, and from fly to ice fishing. All pieces of equipment are specialized for one type of fishing or another, and each time you visit an online fishing store and make a purchase, you’re making an investment. And that investment needs to be properly protected. For instance, a reel cover for your reels, a rod cover for your rod…you get the point.

Shimano makes a great reel cover which ensures a snug fit for your reel, regardless whether it’s a conventional, baitcasting or spinning reel. Plus, they accommodate both left and right handed retrievers. And since you’ve already spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on reels, why not spend a few extra bucks to protect the performance or value of these expensive pieces of gear.

Reel Cover

Besides the fishing equipment and protection for it, the attire you go on a fishing trip with is as important as a properly stocked tackle box. If you aren’t adequately protected from the elements and 100% comfortable, your fishing trip may not be as memorable and successful. The few pieces of clothing and accessories that you should always carry with you are a fishing hat, sunglasses, a T-shirt in warm to moderate climates, shorts (both conventional and waterproof), water-resistant boots and shoes and a jacket if your trip is to a colder climate.

For the more serious anglers, outrigger and downrigger gear are a must-have, as standing for hours and hours on end is definitely going to strain your arms. The downriggers consist of a rod and an arm holder base which is attached to a spool of wire line which is lowered into the water. Outriggers on the other hand, are mounts which can be attached to the side of the boat to support and hold fishing rods in place when waiting for the bite. These pieces of equipment are usually made of sturdy metal materials for durability and strength.

Bottom line is, a lot of factors come into play that can make your fishing trip a success or a complete failure. Preparing takes a lot of forethought and time, as everything from attire, supplies and equipment needs to be taken into consideration.


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