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Fishing Success: It’s All in the Details

You’ve heard the good old saying “Beauty is in the details” and it’s true. No matter the job, as long as you pay attention to all the bits and pieces, you can be sure of success. Such is the case with fishing as well. As a recreational activity, one that’s popular as ever, it’s obvious why pros and beginners alike are addicted to it. The chance to enjoy the grand outdoors while catching your own meal joined by family and friends, or the exclusiveness of your own company, is always attractive.

Now then, when talking about details in the sense of fishing, everything counts: from checking the weather forecast and learning more about the eating habits of specific types of fish, to the necessary equipment. You might think investing in t he adequate rods, reels and clothing is all there is to it, considering you don’t necessarily have to buy lures since you can find baits outside (worms, crickets, minnows), but in fact it’s all about the fishing lures. Take jigs for instance, it’s not just about them as a whole, but the jig heads they consist of. The reason they’re still very much the preferred option, despite all the artificial lures available for sale, is because with the attention you pay to the jig head fishing can become more successful and enjoyable.


Before you get to pick the jig heads, make sure you know all the factors important to simplify your choice. The fishing technique, depth of water, speed of current and hook size are all aspects you have to look into. Fishing technique is about the way the jig head matches the soft plastic to result in a realistic critter and mimic its actions, while the depth of water can dictate the weight of jig head needed (the deeper – the more weight). Luckily nowadays, when we’re in the era of technological advancements and constant upgrading of inventions, with the all-encompassing enhanced design of jig head fishing has been simplified a great deal, and that wouldn’t just give you the desired outcome but do good on your wallet as well.

This is the case with weapon jig heads, created for all types of fish, both in fresh and saltwaters, big and small, with super-strong eyelet that makes for easy attachment of stinger hooks, so they’re suitable for most hook sizes. The round jig heads, as the most common ones, are also versatile and affordable, perfect for the addition of soft plastics and give you the quick cutting through the water. This type of lures is suitable particularly for fish who reside near the bottom the current is faster. The bullet head as you might guess is shaped like a bullet is another jig head fit for the speedy drops and goes well with most soft plastics.

Other popular jig heads are the fish and snake jig head for obvious reasons; they have more realistic look, but don’t underestimate the stand up head either as it can imitate critters when they reach the bottom. You’ve probably heard of the colour importance – it depends on the water conditions. Dark murky waters require the use of jigs in bright and glittering colours for example, whereas clear waters can do well with natural tones. If you’re up for having more realistic jig heads that would appear more convincing and increase your chances of catching fish, you could paint them to match the colours of the soft plastics. So, lesson to be learned: pay attention to details.

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