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Diving Equipment Australia

All the Gear to Own Before Diving into the Unknown

If there’s some kind of meaning behind the name Australia, I bet it means something like diver’s paradise. Ha! These are just my wild guesses, I haven’t done any research on the matter yet, however, what I have extensively explored are the many amazing diving spots adorning it, and I can frankly say that it truly is a diver’s paradise. Exploring unseen sights that are quite different than anything other you’ve ever seen on this planet is truly remarkable. Once you take that first plunge, I guarantee you – you will love it so much you’ll want to do it time and time again.

Our bodies were not made to be able to survive under water, however, this has not stopped man’s burning desire to explore what lies deep in the ocean. Our genius minds came up with all the necessary accessories with the help of which we can dive into the unknown. Now, all you need to do is simply make your pick out of the vast choice of diving equipment Australia stores offer. Take a look at all of the essentials you will need for an authentic diving experience.


Because we humans have delicate eyes, seeing under water can be quite inconvenient. That’s why having a diving mask is a must if you want to truly enjoy the colourful underwater world. For a clearer view, I’d recommend a light-coloured mask. Also, make sure the mask is made out of a smooth rubber material and not PVC so that it doesn’t injure your face.


This piece is not reserved only for snorkelling. Although you can’t use it when you sink underwater, it can come in handy when you’re taking a break on the surface, or while you’re waiting for your fellow divers to get out of the boat. By using the snorkel anytime you can, you’ll save up air from the tank.

Diving Equipment Australia


Fins are important for reducing the stress on your legs so you can swim longer. Basically, there are two types of fins and which ones are the right for you depends completely on the area you’re planning to dive in. Full foot fins are made of thin rubber material and should be reserved exclusively for warmer waters and smooth platforms. But if you wish to dive in spots that have a more rocky terrain or where the water is significantly colder, you’ll need to insulate your feet with open heel fins. A pair of these will provide better thermal protection and support for walking on rough platforms.


When staying in water for longer periods of time there’s a risk of hypothermia. A wetsuit made out of neoprene will offer just the right degree of insulation without feeling too heavy. And if you want to make extra sure you won’t freeze in extremely cold waters, a drysuit might be the safer choice. Drysuits are made out of several layers of insulating material and have waterproof seals so that water cannot get in your suit and weigh you down.


With this device all the other aforementioned items get instantly transformed from simple snorkelling gear into diving equipment. It is the one crucial piece of equipment that makes breathing in a hundreds of metres depth possible. In order to fit larger amounts of air in the scuba tank it has to be pressurised, but this makes it inadequate for our lungs. The regulator is designed to de-pressurize the air from the scuba tank and deliver it to our mouths only when we inhale.

Buoyancy Control Device (BCD)

This piece of equipment ties together all the other items into a functional and safe unit. The BCD is basically a vest to which the heavy scuba tank and the regulator are attached. Its purpose is to control the level of buoyancy. It consists of a deflater and inflater. With this device you regulate whether you will descend deeper by letting the air from it out, or rise up to the surface by inflating it. Your life depends on the BCD and the regulator functioning properly, therefore, visit a reliable diving equipment Australia based store and make a wise investment.

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