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women football world cup Brazil

How to Support Brazil’s National Football Team at FIFA Women’s U-17 World Cup

The Brazil women’s national football team is run by the CBF (Brazilian Football Cup) and has been a part of eight editions of the FIFA Women’s World Cup, and nine editions of the Copa America Femenina. Currently, this is the most successful women’s national team in South America and has won eight out of nine editions of the Copa America championship. If you are a fan of theirs and love to watch FIFA, this year the Dominican Republic will host the FIFA Women’s U-17 World Cup in 2024 from October 16 to November 3, 2024.

Even though the Dominican Republic is mostly known for baseball and not for soccer, it was selected as a host to promote soccer across different regions and allow young people to show off their talent and skills.

Ways to Enjoy the Game

man spreadin brazilian flag

Get Some Brazillian Flags to Cheer With

Well, before doing anything, first you’ll have to know what is Brazil’s current flag. This is essential so you won’t make a mistake when buying it. The national flag of Brazil is a blue disc showing a starry sky in the centre of which you can see a curved band on which it’s written the national motto ‘Ordem e Progresso’ which in translation means ‘Order and Progress’. The disc is placed over a yellow rhombus on a green field.

When it comes to buying a flag of Brazil, you get the chance to choose from different types and sizes. Aside from the actual large flag, you can also get a smaller version and hand-waving flags. Owning both of these is great because you can use and spread the large one on every national holiday and show off your patriotic spirit. The hand-waving version of flag of Brazil is also great for cheering during a game and using it on some important holidays. These hand-held flags are handy, easy to hold and great for boosting the spirit and mood on such occasions.

An important thing to have in mind though is to choose flags of Brazil made from quality materials that can withstand wear and tear. This mainly goes to the larger flags which are designed to be showcased outdoors.

Host a Viewing Party

people on a viewing party for FIFA for women

There’s nothing better than watching a game with a company, and given the fact that this is FIFA for women we’re talking about, watching it with friends and family is always better. Cheering together is way more fun than doing it alone, and in the name of this, you can prepare the ambience to make things more fun.

Prepare the Ambience

Stocking with enough hand-waving flags is a must for throwing a party of this kind. They are pretty affordable, perfect for the occasion. You can place them on the table alongside the Brazil flag-inspired paper plates and use the smaller toothpick versions of flags on top of some edible food balls, cheese and snacks. You can even decorate the food in the spirit of the flag and hang flag banners.

Take the Karaoke Mic and Sing the Brazilian National Anthem

Are you and your friends super fans of the World Cup and FIFA? If so, you can make things even better by stocking on a karaoke microphone and singing the Brazilian national anthem. Having fun on breaks while singing will only make things better, especially when singing some popular World Cup songs. Having a microphone for karaoke is super convenient because you can use it when throwing some other parties as well. They allow for being connected with any Bluetooth device so you can listen and sing the song at the same time.

Watch It Online

Who says you can’t enjoy watching the game when not at home?! Nowadays, you can watch the games even on the go thanks to the large selection of broadcast channels on online TVs as long as you have a subscription. If you have the luck, you can even find an online link that streams the game live.

Book a Ticket and Go to the Dominican Republic to Support the Team

For those of you who want to have a different experience than the one when watching the game in front of the TV, you can book your ticket and go to the Dominican Republic to watch the game live. Just stock yourself with the flags, hats and jerseys because buying them online is way more affordable than buying them in the host country. If you’re going for the first time to a game like this, prepare yourself for a lot of emotions and even tears. This is something that cannot be described but only felt.

And the best thing of all is that aside from the indescribable feeling and adrenaline, this trip of yours will allow you to experience the beauty of the Dominican Republic even if it’s just for a few days.

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