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Why Are Implants the Best Alternative for Missing Teeth

Despite the increased dental health awareness and the improvements in dental care, millions of Australians suffer from tooth loss. Researchers are concerned about this number increasing and are about to conduct an extensive study to better understand people’s dental health habits and what they are doing wrong. However, when prevention fails, there’s nothing left to do than get a replacement.

For years, the only possible option to fill any teeth gaps was getting dentures or installing bridges. Luckily, modern dentistry has come up with an advanced tooth replacement option that in many ways beats the unsightly treatments of the past. Today, most Australians opt for the quality tooth implants Melbourne and Sydney clinics offer, due to the fact that tooth implants have a lot of advantages which make them the best alternative for missing teeth. Here are some of them.

A More Natural Look
We’ve all met people who we instantly guessed had artificial teeth without them telling us. For dentures, this may have something to do with the fact that they are not fixed in one place and we can subconsciously detect the miniature movements while the person is talking. Furthermore, dental bridges can seem unnatural because they are attached to the teeth surrounding them, which makes them slightly protruding. However, tooth implants are attached directly to the jaw bone which allows for the facial structure to adjust around them and create a more natural look. If placed right, tooth implants will look and feel like your own teeth.

Do Not Change the Way You Sound
Dentures and badly fitted bridges, besides looking unnatural, can also cause speech problems, such as whistling, while you speak or even make you develop a funny lisp. However, tooth implants can be made into exact replicas of your previous teeth (only without the plaque) and they won’t change the way you sound in any way.


Do Not Cause Discomfort
Tooth implants become a part of you and with time you will stop noticing they are artificial. They are deeply ingrained into the jaw which reduces the chances of them becoming wobbly, which can happen with bridges. Dentures on the other hand, require to be constantly removed for cleaning and this can cause your gums to become swollen and hurt. They can also slip out when you eat, while implants remain tightly in place and won’t cause you any embarrassment in public.

A High Success Rate
Whether or not an implant will last long without causing any problems mainly depends on the fact where on the jaw it is located. Nevertheless, the success rate of this method is amazingly high with up to 98% of implants staying perfectly in place. With proper care and an adequate diet, tooth implants can last for the rest of your life.

Won’t Damage Surrounding Teeth
The way bridges are installed is to grind the teeth on each end into cones to which the bridge gets attached. This method ruins perfectly healthy teeth for no reason. And if you think dentures are a better option, you’ll be mistaken. Putting on and removing dentures causes regular stress on surrounding teeth which can result in them becoming chipped. On the other hand, tooth implants are inserted directly into the gums, without affecting any healthy teeth around them.

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