Leatherman Multi Tools: Stay Safe and Take Your Adventure Further
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Leatherman Multi Tools: Stay Safe and Take Your Adventure Further

Next to the tent and sleeping bag, a men’s best friend when camping is his multi tool. This small, compact device can be conveniently carried around in your pocket and brought out for every job, large or small. In this single piece of hiking and camping equipment, you have everything you need for cutting cord, chopping firewood, preparing food, making small repairs, and more. These devices come in a variety of styles and designs, but Leatherman multi tools are the brand Australian adventurers rave about the most.


Leatherman multi tools have taken over the market for hiking and camping, ever since they first appeared in 1983, and continue to do so. This is because the company builds every product with two things in mind: functionality and preparedness. Concerning functionality, every type of Leatherman multi tool tends to pack a few essential things: well-built pliers, wire cutters, screwdrivers (large and small), solid blades, bottle and can openers, scissors, a hammer and a small saw.

As you can see, from the start there’s a lot of usefulness in this tool. The hammer can help you secure the stakes for the tent or awning; with the saw, you’ll be able to cut small to medium sized branches to use for firewood; the blades and can openers can come in handy for your makeshift outdoor kitchen. And of course, no bushman is equipped without a knife to cut away branches from his path, and nearly all Leatherman multi tools Australia stores offer include a serrated knife. For the fishermen among you, the stainless steal scissors that can cut through any kind of line or twine are probably the best feature. It’s important to know that this tool is completely made out of sturdy, stainless steel material that can withstand heavy use without breaking or corroding for many adventures to come.

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Preparedness means that the device should have multi tools Australia conditions might sometimes demand. For instance, unpredictable night temperatures might call for a fire even in the middle of a particularly hot summer. In this case, a multi tool equipped with a fire-starting ferro rod can be a life saver. The more exclusive models of Leatherman multi tools Australia stores offer come with all the bells and whistles.

Well, perhaps there are no bells, but some Leatherman multi tools have an emergency whistle powerful enough to be heard across a perimeter of hundreds of meters. While others further enhance the tool’s signaling ability with a flashilight able to cast a long and powerful beam. A wisely chosen multi tool can make you ready for the expected and tackle anything unexpected that may come your way.

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