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Nail Your Curb Appeal: Blanket Your Patio with Porcelain Paving for a More Modern Appeal

If you are an individual who enjoys modern design and new age high-tech comfort, I would like to introduce you to porcelain outdoor paving. Equipped with many abilities, such as slip resistance and high landing strength, it will most definitely simplify your life and spruce up your home and outdoors.


Originally used by the Chinese, porcelain slowly spread to the rest of the world in the last 2000 years. First used for making pottery items, now porcelain is also used in porcelain and construction. Porcelain paving is a new practice, used all over the world, including outdoor paving Melbourne, indoor paving U.S.

Make it or Bake it

Porcelain paving is much like baking a cake, you start by combining clay, silica, foldspar, sand and flint. Afterwords they are put in a big high-temperature furnace called a kiln, and are baked. Once the porcelain has been created, it is really easy to shape because of the heat. This makes porcelain paving very easy to manufacture and produce.

Why Choose Porcelain Paving

The simplistic, yet modern look of the porcelain paving gives your outdoors a sophisticated and luxurious quality. The beautiful glossy finish leaves little to be desired, it is complete with numerous environment resistance factors and its low-maintenance will make cleaning as easy, as owning it. There are a lot of companies placing outdoor paving Melbourne oriented.


What Are the Benefits

Considered the best outdoor paving material, porcelain paving has a lot of benefits on a household and its owner.

1. Flexible application – with the new advancements of engineering, placement of pavings has been simplified and upgraded, allowing it to be placed over grass, gravel, concrete slabs and even pedestals.

2. No maintenance – The level or porosity determines how prone paving is to getting dirty, porcelain paving has 0 porosity, meaning its sealer free, thus requiring no maintenance at all.

3. No more slips – Since this paving is impenetrable by liquids, it is impossible to slip on it. Also you can add a grip finish on your porcelain paving to decrease friction.

4. Never fading – As the materials of the tiles are being cooked at 1,400oC they merge into porcelain which causes the pigment to be “locked” inside the porcelain itself, this prevents the suns UV rays and any other weather effects from fading the colour.

5. No more stains – Nothing gets through the surface of the tiles, thus remaining on top, which makes it easy to be mopped up and washed off.

6. Scratch worry free – The tiles are build in a compact and dense manner, thus preventing any sort of scratch or abrasion to damage the tiles. Even dragging metal furniture over the tiles only leaves marks that can be swiped away with no noticeable damage.

7. Winter is coming – Strongly frost resistant, the tile can withstand sub-zero temperatures, thus making it ideal for outdoor application such as near pools or in lawns.

8. Built like a tank – Cooked at 1,400oC all the components it is consists of consolidate into a indestructible substance, that is sometimes referred to as ‘an eternal material’.

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