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Not all Bedding is Created Equal: Choose Bamboo

When it comes to homes, it’s no secret we associate them with comfort. When you feel like making your house a home, comfort is the first aspect that comes to mind. And, likewise, when it’s time to associate the comfort with some material, it usually is cotton. Most of us pick it when buying bedding. However, now that we live in a world of so many options, is cotton still first in comfort?

Truth be told, there’s another organic option that started gaining in popularity as of late, even more than cotton: it’s bamboo. If you want to increase your chances of a satisfying sleep, go on a quest for your ideal bamboo sheets Australia round shops can provide you with, and prepare to be amazed. As you’d come to see, comfort isn’t the only aspect bamboo wins over cotton, and other materials, both organic and synthetic.

One of these other aspects is strength. Given that bamboo is strong in its raw form, you can expect it to also be stronger than cotton in the form of bedding since its long fibres are stretched over the whole sheet length, which means it would last you that much longer. Great news is it would only get softer (even softer than cotton) with time and washing, instead of appearing worn out and losing its colour, thanks to its non-absorbent properties, or simply said, not absorbing skin oils that make the sheets grey or yellow over continuous use.


Let’s not forget bamboo bedding is also Eco-friendlier than other types of bedding due to the specific processes bamboo goes through as it has anti-fungal properties and doesn’t require pesticides. There’s also the fact bamboo can self-irrigate, needing less water than other organic bedding options, like cotton, thus there’s no negative environmental impact.

Another positive trait of bamboo sheets Australia wide shops have to offer is thermoregulation. Taking this into account, bamboo is hypoallergenic and helps reduce the amount of moisture in bed, hence it doesn’t encourage a bacteria and dust mite breeding environment, known to be responsible for many allergies.

While it can keep you warm, bamboo makes for breathability at the same time, which means it would keep you warm in winter, and cool in summer, so you wouldn’t just get quality sleep every night, but get to cut down on the heating and cooling costs. Breathable as it is, it’s ideal for people dealing with night sweats, women in menopause, and pregnancy.

There’s no question we require quality sleep for our overall well-being, and having the ideal bedding can only add to that quality which is why it’s not a question of whether you should be getting this type of bedding, but rather when, and the answer is as soon as possible; choosing the right linen isn’t all about size and colour!

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