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Plugged In: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your First Electric Guitar

Music has a wonderful way of bringing people together and creating a sense of community. Many individuals have found solace in music, whether it be through playing an instrument or simply listening to their favourite songs. And for some, the ultimate form of musical expression comes from playing the electric guitar.

This instrument has become synonymous with rock and roll, blues, jazz, and many other genres. Its iconic shape, powerful sound, and endless possibilities offer a unique experience for musicians of all levels. It can captivate an audience, evoke emotion, and even change lives in ways that words can’t describe.

Is Electric Guitar OK for Beginners?

Well yeah, playing this instrument is okay even for beginners. In fact, playing on it is easier than playing on an acoustic guitar, even though some people prefer playing on an acoustic first because it’s harder. That way when they take an electric one, they find it effortlessly easy to play on it.

Choosing the Right Piece


Playing on an electric guitar today is easier than back in the day. Nowadays, we are offered a huge choice of these musical instruments, but also sources from which we can learn, which makes our choice way easier. However, playing the guitar and buying it isn’t the same.

When it comes to grabbing a sweet deal on electric guitars for sale, the most crucial thing is finding a good, quality and sturdy piece that will also meet your taste in style and appearance. In the end, this instrument would be your first baby, so making sure to find the right one by considering all the important things is crucial.


Well, first things first, you should know that you can find three types of electric guitars for sale on the market:

  • Hollow-body
  • Semi-acoustic
  • Solid-body

Out of all types, the solid-body ones are the most recommended choice for a first instrument. An important thing to know about all types is that all of them are designed for different kinds of music, so those who are more advanced can choose one according to this. That being said, solid-body models are designed for pop and rock music, while hollow-body and semi-acoustic ones are designed for jazz and blues.

The main reason that makes this solid-body guitars the first choice among beginners is their huge choice of models, including:

  • Single – Cutaway – A guitar with one curve on the fretboard, perfect for playing high notes.
  • Double – Cutaway – Unlike the other, this one has two curves on the body near the neck.
  • V-Shape – This guitar has a V-shaped body, hence the name.

Think About the Amps


Well, the amp is one of the most needed things that you’ll need for producing the needed volume, especially when practising at home. Said in simple words, the amp is used to make the guitar noise louder. Practice shows that beginners should find a guitar that comes with an amplifier-a because it’s great for beginners.

Generally speaking, it’s said that the amplifiers on these music instruments offer different channels which allows you to adjust the sound and volume as you wish. All of these amplifiers have a channel that offers a pure tone, and also some other channels which provide a more distorted sound. However, it is said that beginners should stick with a 10 – 15W amplifier as this will give them just the needed sound and volume when practising at home.

Tremolo Bar

A tremolo bar also known as tremolo arm, a wang or whammy bar is a lever that is attached to the guitar and allows you to touch, bend and change the string’s tension as you wish. This bar is great for creating a vibrato, portamento and pitch bend effect, so if you enjoy these sounds, investing in a guitar with this bar would be great. Even though there is a chance to add a tremolo unit to any guitar, you’ll need a proper and professional installation made in a guitar shop.

An important thing you should know though is to give yourself time. None of the musicians you see have been born knowing it all. Practice is key for everything, so don’t let frustration kill your vibe for playing. Just be consistent, practice every day and you’ll get to the level you need to be.

And lastly, make sure to practice playing your guitar when standing and sitting. This is essential since in future you might be needed performing both standing and sitting in front of a crowd, so it’s better if you are used to playing both ways, That way it would be easier for you to not just pay but also to create a better bond with the crowd. If needed, don’t be afraid to take some lessons. Some guitar shops even offer learning lessons where you can enrol and learn a few tricks more on how to play better, how to perform in front of a crowd and how to bond with them.

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