Reasons to Add a Silicone Free Shampoo to Your Hair Care Routine
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Reasons to Add a Silicone Free Shampoo to Your Hair Care Routine

Forbidden under organic standards but still widely included in mainstream skin and hair care, the use of synthetic silicones has become very controversial in the past couple of years as various studies have raised concerns over their impact on health and pollution of the environment. So, why are they still added to hair care products?

According to experts, the reason why silicones are often found in shampoos is that they provide a conditioning agent that helps boost shine and smoothness of hair Depending on the silicone used, it can seal the cuticle, make your hair less porous and eliminate frizz, tangles and split ends. The problem is, there are so many different types and levels of silicones that can be found in hair products and depending on what you use, your hair may suffer the consequences.

Certain types of silicones are not a good choice for hair care products. In an attempt to remove silicone build-up, many people use shampoos that contain harsh and irritating foaming agents, such as sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS). SLS strips the natural healthy oils that protect the scalp and hair, disturbing the balance of your skin, which can lead to hair becoming damaged, dry, and brittle. The solution? Using a silicone free shampoo.

silicone free shampoo
No More Dry Hair

The silicone that’s commonly found in shampoos has the tendency to get stuck to your hair. Although it may make it look shinier, at the same time it also seals your hair. Sealing of hair leads to drying of the hair strands. The longer you use these shampoos, the more dryness of hair you will face. A silicone free shampoo, on the other hand, will save your hair from becoming dry and brittle as it does not contain any silicones to cause that harm.

silicone free shampoo 3

No More Greasy Hair

Furthermore, the prolonged use of silicone seals the hair strands and it doesn’t let the moisture to be released from your hair. Consequently, a layer of silicone remains on the hair strand, which makes the hair greasier and it also reduces its quality.

silicone free shampoo 2

No More Breakage

Over time, silicone will make your hair dry and will slowly break it down. It will become brittle and more prone to breakage. You won’t have to worry about these problems when using a silicone free shampoo as it won’t make your hair dry. Plus, these hair care products do not have side effects on your scalp, which means you will say goodbye to dandruff, an easy to break and greasy hair.

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