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Reasons Why the Toyota Hilux Is Topping the Charts

One of the best selling vehicles in Australia is the Hilux, by far surpassing all other utility vehicles. Last year alone, Australians bought an outstanding 1.2 million vehicles, which is more than any other year in history. However, the Hilux didn’t become popular just recently. In fact, it’s been enjoying quite a few years of success and it has been the go-to choice for hard-working tradesmen. There are a couple of reasons why an abnormal amount of people want the Hilux, and here are some of them.

You Can Count on It

It’s simple, the Hilux is extremely dependable. Just like all other Toyota products, when you have barely any time and your days are full, the sheer dependability of the Hilux is second to none. As a matter of fact, it’s considered one of Toyota’s top shelf vehicles for a reason. There hasn’t been any major issue with the Hilux in years, and they’re constantly selling about 50.000 vehicles every year in Australia only.

Part Availability

When it comes to part availability, there’s no shortage of Hilux parts Australia wide. You can find them at many dealerships, wholesalers and retailers. This comes with the popularity of the vehicle, meaning, the demand is high. And even though the Hilux is extremely durable and dependable, replacing some Hilux parts Australia mechanics recommend every once in a while, just for the sake of your safety. Properly maintaining your Hilux can ensure you have it in a drive-ready state even after a decade of continuous use.

More Models than Paris Fashion Week

Not literally, but Toyota produces about 20 different models of the Hilux. All of them are different in one way or another. Some are sporty with a slick design, others are designed for heavy-duty operations. They also have different engines, for instance: some are high performance, others offer high reliability or fuel efficiency. You can also choose between manual and automatic transmissions. Whichever you pick, you can rest assured it performs how you need it to, and that there are available parts for your specific model.

Final Thoughts

No matter your choice of Hilux, you can drive through high traffic in the city or on a dusty off-road trail and still experienced one of the better drives in the light commercial vehicle market. Most models offer decent-handling, comfortable driving position and easy steering. In other words, they’re very sedan-like, which is unusual for utility vehicles, as they have excessive turns lock-to-lock.

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