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camo clothing

Reasons to Wear Camo Clothing When Hunting

The right choice of clothing can help improve your hunting experience – and not just because of how warm or cool it will keep you. The proper camo clothing will help you to blend with your surrounding environment, making you as close to invisible for your game animal as possible. Some hunters will tell you that camo clothing isn’t necessary – humans have been hunting for years with only most minimal camouflage and the fact that they have had successful hunts suggests that it has been quite effective.

However, while that is not entirely wrong, keep in mind that some animals have relatively poor vision and can detect your position with their sense of smell alone. This is where camo clothing comes in helpful. When used correctly, the right pattern of camo clothing can significantly improve your chances of having a successful hunt. Here is how.

Breaks Up Your Outline

camo clothing

Although most animals can’t see colours, they can detect shapes that look out of place in their environment. The solid colour of your pants, shirt, and skin, is a big red flag when most of the forest is a mishmash of crisscrossing lines and leaf patterns. When it comes to the most useful camouflage – it’s worth mentioning that it should be the simplest one, with some basic earth-toned patterns. This kind of camo clothing will work in most environments as all it’s doing is breaking up the outlines. You can also choose a mimicry camouflage, but to get full benefits of this style you will need to get a different set of clothes to match each season and environment. To break up the glaring outline of your face, you can use a few stripes of face paint or get a full face mask. The mask is simply a piece of patterned mesh that goes over your face. While the mask doesn’t affect a hunter’s sightlines significantly, some hunters don’t like it touching their face all day.

Traps Odours

A lot of camo companies today offer pieces of clothing with technologies which trap body odours or absorb them. Ask any professional hunter and they will tell you the importance of being as odorless as possible when hunting big game. Animals have a really developed sense of smell, which is why it’s important to eliminate all human odours. Besides wearing camo clothing, there are also some scent-management practices that can help. You should shower with scent-free soaps and shampoos, and wash your clothes in scent-free detergents before hanging them outdoor to air dry.

Gives You Confidence

Wearing camouflage also has some psychological benefits. Wearing the right gear will put you in the mood and lead you to think what needs to be done for your hunting to be successful that day. Don’t overlook the advantages that come with feeling good about yourself during the hunt. Also, when you think that your target is going to sense you, your chances of making mistakes increase. Even if you are wearing the wrong kind of camouflage for your environment, there is a good chance you will still have a more successful hunt than if you wore your regular clothes.

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