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Model Kits Australia

Scale Modelling Kits: How to Find the Perfect One as a Beginner?

The small size and the attention to detail the scale models come with certainly add to the charm. These are also among the reasons why to this day they still have the same kind of appeal as years ago when the scale modelling hobby was just getting popular. Nowadays, much to the happiness of enthusiasts, there’s plenty to choose from.

If you’ve decided to take up this exciting hobby yourself because of the beauty of it, plus the many benefits it offers (e.g. stress relief, expansion of general knowledge, fun, accomplishment, socialising potential, and honing of a range of skills) you’re probably wondering where to begin as a novice. With such a vast array of options of model kits Australia hobbyist retailers and specialists have in store, differing in detail as much as competitive prices, it’s understandable if you need some more info.

To make the whole experience more enjoyable for you, and as hassle-free as possible, it’s best to divide the shopping process into several factors you’d have to consider. This would help you narrow down the options, and decide on the ideal kit for you that would bring you hours of fun whether you choose to do it on your own or with loved ones.

Choose the Scale

Scale Model Kit

Perhaps one of the most fundamental elements of scale modelling, the scale itself is something you shouldn’t overlook when first entering the mesmerising world of the plastic modelling hobby. This has to do with the fact some scales are easier to work with than others for some individuals, as well as some being less space-consuming than others – two considerations that would point out which is the perfect option for you.

There are model kits ranging from 1:24 all the way to 1:72, and in between. The difference between these is the bigger ones take up more space but they do come with far more detail than the smaller and compact ones, so you should decide on the pros and cons you’re willing to work with. The most popular options out of these are 1:24, 1:32, 1:35, and 1:48 for the aircraft and military vehicle models.

Consider the Complexity

Just because you’re a beginner doesn’t mean you should stick to the simpler models that don’t require much skill to begin with, not when you’ve got plenty of exciting complex-level kits to try out too. But do keep in mind they might require more understanding of the hobby, as well as more tools in your toolbox than you’re willing to invest in first-hand. Basically, there are the three-level model kits Australia shops can supply you with:


In addition to the affordability, these are kits that are everything you’d want as a beginner – the detailed and easy instructions, the fewer features to work with, and the quick and easy construction. Although they’re not as enjoyable as the other two because of the simpler approach, every serious hobbyist has their first kit that adds to their pride as much as their most advanced kits under their belt.


Neither too simple nor too complex, you have the perfect middle ground with the intermediate-level kits if you want to move past the novice level and progress with your modelling skills. This comes from the fact they’re better equipped when it comes to parts and assembly requirements, making for more room for working on your skills and going up the ladder with the hobby.


The intricate detailing, the various bits and pieces you have to put together, and at times the requirement of an additional set of skills (weathering, painting) make the advanced-level kits perfect for any modelling enthusiast looking for a challenge. Despite the not-so-fast building time and the more complex tasks to finish the kits up, there’s a sense of accomplishment guaranteed that makes the assembly truly enjoyable and rewarding.

Decide on the Subject

model car

If variety is what you’re after with this hobby, then you’re in luck because there are versatile plastic model kits differing in the subject as much as size, detailing, and level of complexity. Stick to whatever resonates with you the most, and whatever it is you’re most passionate about. You can choose from:

Cars and Trucks

If you’re passionate about all things cars and trucks, you’re in for a treat with the world of classic automobiles, sports vehicles, and trucks with wheels in all sizes and designs.

Military Vehicles

History buffs definitely enjoy the fun assembling military vehicles brings about. With lots of tanks, armoured vehicles, and artillery pieces to choose from, it’s never been easier to recreate some of the world’s most famous battles.


If air travel is more your cup of tea, you’d certainly appreciate the versatility of the jet and plane models. Whether you’re after something historic, from WWI or WWII, or something more modern like a commercial classic, you’re sure to find it at the right store.


From simple sailboats to naval vessels, battleships, aircraft carriers, and even submarines, many are the faces of scale model skips, much to the surprise of beginner hobbyists. As a nice touch-up, you can pick out detailed figurines of the same scale to finish up your whole marine setting.

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