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A Few Tricks That Help When Picking Out Skateboard Parts

Are you an enthusiastic skateboarder that wants to know how to do radical flips and righteous grinds on your sweet board? Well then, you might want to get hip with some of this truth I’m about to lay down (queue air guitar recital). But pandering to the youth by “getting hip with it” aside, if you are new to skateboarding and are still spending more time falling off of it than you are riding it, then chances are good you don’t yet know a lot about your board and its parts. If that is true, then there is good news since it only really has three major components and they can all be maintained effortlessly, and replacement parts for them can be obtained very easily.

The first item we have are the trucks. There are many different skateboard trucks Australia skateboarders can find that can give their skateboards a little extra something in terms of performance. Simply put, the trucks are the metal T-shaped pieces that go on the underside of the skateboard and connect the wheels to the deck. They are composed of four small components (Axle, Hanger, Kingpin, Bushings) and made to withstand the pressure that comes with the particular role that they play. The type and size of skate trucks you choose directly affect your stability, and what tricks you can and can’t do on your skateboard, but luckily they are easy to maintain and adjust to help you perform tighter turns or different types of tricks.

The skateboard has four wheels and they are attached two-by-two on the ends of both of the trucks. They are usually made out of polyurethane and come in a variety of sizes and colours. It should be noted that if you plan to get larger wheels and don’t get riser pads, then there is a good chance that they might rub on the underside of the deck when making a turn and cause wheel bite. These wheels can also come with different durability and hardness levels and which you decide to go with will depend on your personal preference and style of skateboarding. The wheels can’t stop you from doing certain tricks or riding the way you want to, but they will make doing those things a little more difficult unless you have the right ones equipped.

And lastly we come to the deck. It’s a bent piece of elliptically shaped wood you stand on, that’s all, thanks for reading. Joking aside, when picking out a deck you will need one with dimensions compatible with your height and durable enough to support your weight and the force of whatever rail grinds and kickflips you decide to do on it. Aside from that though, basically all decks are compatible with any kind of grip tape, rider pads or skateboard trucks Australia shops have to offer, meaning that all you have to do is just pick a logo that you like and grind it until you can’t recognize it anymore.

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