How a Snorkel Can Prove to be a Real Breath of Fresh Air for Your Hilux
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How a Snorkel Can Prove to be a Real Breath of Fresh Air for Your Hilux

If you are a car enthusiast that owns a Toyota Hilux, you must have heard just how many different add-ons and accessories there are that you can get for it. These items can help you to either enhance one aspect of the car or another, or just give it a feature or two that it didn’t have before. Of course, the large number of choices when it comes to these additions means that they can either be incredibly useful to you for certain tasks, or entirely superfluous and can easily be overlooked, unless you have a bit of extra money. One of the items that fits well in the incredibly useful category is the Toyota Hilux snorkel.

The great thing about the Toyota Hilux snorkel is its ability to get a lot more air directly down to the engine and improve the entire vehicle’s performance by allowing it to work at a much better rate. The snorkel is a curved tube that is affixed to the front of the car and even though it looks a lot like an exhaust pipe, it actually has the exact opposite function since it takes in fresh air instead of expelling fumes from the engine. It is a versatile addition to any car and can prove to be incredibly useful in a number of circumstances, or more precisely on a variety of different terrains.

For the off-road enthusiasts among you, this is the perfect way to protect your car from the two most problematic obstacles you can run into that can cause problems for the engine, namely water and dust. Since the intake is placed at such an elevated position (usually as high or higher than the top of the car) getting across rivers or flooded areas will turn into a breeze, where before you would have had to worry about the engine breaking because of the possibility of taking on water. Dust is another worry that you can say goodbye to, as the dust is concentrated much more strongly lower to the roads, meaning that the placement of the snorkel keeps as much dust from the air filter as possible, letting the engine work at the most optimal levels.

I should also emphasize that even if you couldn’t care less about off-roading and have never even driven on an unpaved path in your life, the snorkel can still be a welcome addition to your Hilux. This is because of the cleaner airflow and lower temperature it can make possible, which will allow you to get more horse power out of the engine bay that you knew was possible. This means that the Toyota Hilux snorkel is a item to consider installing no matter if you plan to go off-road or stay on it.

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