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Heat Pump Pool

Swimmers Rejoice: Pool Heaters Extend Swimming Seasons

Swimming has got to be one of life’s greatest pleasures; well it is for me at least. I can’t possibly imagine another kind of exercise that’s more relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time, making you feel no effort when staying in shape. Just take a plunge and let water do its therapeutics.

Though I enjoy the sea and the weightlessness salty water brings about when I swim, I couldn’t do without my pool. Ever since I can remember, the happiest days for me are when the warmer days of spring arrive, the time to prepare for another unforgettable relaxing swimming season, and the saddest part of course is when it’s all over with the colder days of the year.

Imagine my joy when I found out I could extend the swimming season well before and after my usual swim days with the help of a pool heater! It wasn’t an easy decision because there are many options, starting from gas pool heaters (natural gas or propane), the ever-desired solar pool heaters (unglazed or glazed collectors), and finally the pool heat pumps which happened to be my choice.

Though all options are great, there are many reasons I decided to purchase a thermosmart heat pump pool heater. Due to sharing some aspects with both the solar and gas heaters, they are the ideal alternative of the two. For one, like solar, they are eco-friendly, and two, like the gas, they are rated by their Btu output, the traditional unit of heat.

Unlike the gas heater, the heat pump heater lasts much longer (think of a span of 20 years), and unlike the solar heater which may not work in every area, this one does. Thanks to its ingenious design, it can be installed with the existing filtration system or with a circulation pump, and it comes equipped with an in-built timer to set run times.

Though it may seem like they are an investment you don’t necessarily need, they turn out to be essential and the initial price you pay does pay off because they generate heat better than the gas heaters for example. The operating cost savings that follow up are worth the purchase.

Speaking of costs, it can differ from area to area how much you spend on electricity to run the heater, with warmer areas costing much less than colder ones, but even if you do live in a colder area instead of giving up on heat pump heaters, you can get the additional help of solar pool cover and still get to save up. If you’re fond of swimming, like me, it’s time to choose the heater.

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