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Taking Office Ergonomics to Another Level – the Benefits of Monitor Risers

People who have the most benefits of ergonomic products are office workers. They spend many hours sitting in the same position which leads to a lot of discomfort, pain and health issues. So, using items that will improve comfort and ease the long hours spent in the office can be of great help. The monitor riser is one of many such tools you can find on the market. Although some people assume that when you buy a computer you are buying it with everything you need, they couldn’t be more wrong.

A monitor riser is the perfect piece of equipment that will help you raise your monitor to the optimal ergonomic position, offering you many health benefits. If you’re still not convinced that you need one for your office, here are few reasons why you should dive into the range of monitor riser Australia made models and buy the perfect one for you.

  • There are no health benefits from the monitor stand that comes with your computer

Usually, computer monitors come with a stand that is at an inappropriate height – usually too low for your needs. This means that you need to strain your neck and put your body in a bad posture to view it while working. Computer manufacturers design their monitor stands in a height that is suitable for the shortest people, but not everyone is the same. Using ergonomic monitor raiser will certainly make things much better.

  • It will help you avoid chronic conditions and workplace injuries

If the monitor is made to be the right height for the shortest users, it means that it is set too low for everybody else. As a result of this, over 90% of people spend all day hunched towards their screen, leading their spine out of its natural alignment. Spending hours and hours in this position will cause all sorts of pains and in some cases can even lead to more serious health issues and chronic conditions. By simply buying a monitor riser, you will not just avoid all of these pains and discomfort, you will also feel more comfortable thus be more productive.

  • It can help you stay organized and combat stress

Depending od the design, a monitor screen riser can help you store your keyboard and even laptop under your computer monitor. This way you can create a clutter-free space and a desktop that feels and looks organized. Keeping things in order will make you feel much better and less stressed.

The main purpose of this unit is to help you sit in an ergonomically-efficient way as long as you are using it in the right way. This means that once you look through the variety of monitor riser Australia stores and find the ideal one, you should ensure you are using properly. Once you place the monitor on the top of the riser, the screen should be at your eye level and about your arm’s length. Try to look at the screen first and then think about your body position. Are you sitting up straight? Is your neck in a neutral, natural and relaxed position? Can you see the screen perfectly without having to look down or up? If your answers are ‘yes’ to at least three of these questions, then you have your monitor riser at the right height.

When it comes to this ergonomic piece of equipment, you have two main options: adjustable and fixed height monitor risers and your choice should mainly depend on your personal needs. Also, make sure the raiser you choose can support the weight of your monitor. Also, it should be made of a tough material so that you know your monitor is supported by a durable accessory.

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