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The Advantages of Using Eco Friendly Household Products

Saving the planet, protecting the environment, preserving our eco systems, these are all issues that have entered the mainstream conversation, and not because they’re trendy, but because they are a necessity.

Not only does our own existence as spices depend on it, but all life on Earth, all that has contributed to us being here, enjoying the privileges of being human, depends on it too. And being humane, like the word itself, should be encompassing and common for every human.

And even though the awareness of the issues concerning our planet’s wellbeing is increasing rapidly, many things still remain the same. Being environmentally conscious isn’t only about using less plastic, recycling, or throwing our rubbish in the bin. But, it’s not the most difficult task either.

There are many common misconceptions about “going green”. Things like: it’s really hard, it’s expensive, it’s extremely time consuming, eco friendly products don’t really work. Of course, parts of those misconceptions can be truthful in some cases, but doing it anyway, is worth it. And, since it’s a matter of habit, commitment, and learning, more than anything, most of us can really do it.

What Can You Do?

Taking care of the planet means taking care of yourself and your family, and the best way to do it is to go as greener as possible. In the last decades more and more manufacturers for home products are implementing changes in the way of their production, and manufacturers producing only eco friendly household products are thankfully on the rise as well.



Unfortunately, there is some truth in the claim that it’s impossible to be completely green in today’s world. But there are also a lot of things we can do to reduce our footprint. You can stop using plastic straws, disposable bags, you can buy as little products with disposable packaging as possible, you can switch to eco friendly home products, natural cosmetics etc.

Use Eco Cleaning and Laundry

One of the first things you can do that will make an immediate difference is choosing eco friendly home products for cleaning. If you are already looking out for the environment, then you may’ve noticed that these are the plastic products you throw away most frequently. Cleaning products such as bleach, floor cleaners, dish liquids etc., and laundry products can be full of chemicals, harmful for both the environment, but also to the people in your home, since many of them are toxic and can be bad for your skin, your respiratory system etc.

There are a lot of sustainable chemical free household products you can choose for cleaning your house, without fearing for the potential collateral damage. There are also natural laundry detergents, like powders and liquids and fabric softeners, eco friendly washing machine tablets etc.

By opting to use these alternatives, your home will be both clean and chemicals free.

Reusables Instead of Single-Use

Stop using disposable bags, plastic containers, plastic wraps, plastic cups, cups with plastic lids, plastic cutlery, plastic straws etc. Instead invest in reusable products, such as glass containers, reusable cups, reusable silicon lids etc.

Furthermore, stop buying water in plastic bottles. Instead drink tap water, and carry a refillable bottle with you.

Use Less Cosmetics

It may sound unreasonable to some, but if you think about it: do you really need five face creams, nine mascaras or more than one deodorant? By buying less cosmetics, you would already be helping the slowing down of the plastic waste accumulation.

Apart from that, you should also get informed about the chemicals used in the products you are applying to your skin – the biggest and most permeable organ of your body. Investigate what those strange big words mean. Are they healthy for you? Are they healthy for the environment?

Think about switching to natural, organic, parabens-free, cruelty-free cosmetics, if you haven’t already, and furthermore, think about ditching disposable packaging, and start using refillable and plastic-free cosmetics.

Eco-Friendly Menstrual Products

If you are a woman, you can contribute to the fight for saving our planet by swapping your tampons with plastic applicators and disposable pads with reusable pads, menstrual cups, organic tampons, menstrual pants, or with any other sustainable period solution you can think of.

Women around the world use and throw away an enormous number of plastic products dedicated to their periods, so menstrual products are a huge part of the plastic waste problem in the world.

Avoid Fast Fashion

Trendy items are so cheap, it almost seems as a sin not to reach for as many pieces as possible. But do we really need that many pieces of clothes? Have you ever thrown away a t-shirt or a pair of pants after wearing them 4-5 times, or even without even wearing them once?

Well, this is something that happens very, very often. But, where does all that thrown and forgotten clothes go? Clothes may not be a household product per se, but we do keep them at home, until we throw them away, and make them our planet’s problem.

The fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world. So, textile waste is a great concern, and it needs to be addressed soon. Many people love shopping, especially since so many things are so affordable.

Of course, most can’t stop buying cheap clothes, but we can at least try to resist the urge to buy something every time we pass by a store or we see something cute on the internet.

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