Unyielding Protection: Versatility and Superiority of Military Tactical Bags
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tactical gear

Unyielding Protection: The Versatility and Superiority of Military-Style Tactical Bags

No matter whether you’re camping, travelling, or just heading to the gym, having a way to keep your personal effects safe, dry, and organized always needs to be a priority. A tough, well-thought-out bag that’s easy to carry has to be your obvious choice, but it’s no secret that not all bags offer the same level of protection.

A large portion of the commercially available backpack and duffle-styled bags simply don’t hold up well against the dust, moisture, and heavy jostling that have to be considered when moving around in Australia. That is why if you’re serious about putting a robust layer of material between your gear and the environment, you only have to look at the bags used by the Australian military to see how they bring rugged versatility to life.

Military Tactical Bags Bring Rugged Versatility to Life  

It’s a fact: you don’t have to be a soldier to appreciate how effective army-style heavy-duty tactical bags are at protecting their contents. It’s helpful to understand, however, that in order for any type of cargo or equipment bag to be of value, it can’t just go through the motions. Tear and abrasion-resistant fabrics, and innovative construction are crucial aspects of successful tactical bag design. and they’re the key to making bags that boast:

military tactical bags
source: hltactical.com

·   Superior survivability. With a wide selection of high strength 700 and 1000 Cordura® packs, military bags, and duffels to choose from, you always have the best in tough, water repellent protection at your disposal.      

·   Exceptional mobility. Modern military-style bags don’t just use lighter materials; they also feature handles, straps, and bio-form padding and harnessing that makes them easier than ever to hand carry, sling over a shoulder, or wear as a full backpack.

·   Enhanced capacity. Innovative compartments, specialized organizer pockets, and MOLLE-style modularity give today’s bags with military roots the capacity to safely and securely carry a full array of items, ranging from fresh clothing to firearms.

Make no mistake: regardless of the size or shape of the gear you need to carry, or the conditions you might need to carry it through, when it comes to tough military-style tactical bags, Australia sets the standard. Rucksack-sized bags aren’t your only option, though. Specialized tactical bags for sale are just as impressive as the bulk bag lineup; and it shouldn’t come as any surprise that they share many of the same construction qualities, innovations, and workmanship with their full-sized counterparts.

Hydration Packs are Essential Outdoor Kit at All Times 

Hydration packs are easily one of the most popular specialized styles of tactical field cases you can buy. They’re universally identifiable because of their military use, and have become standard kit for campers and hikers everywhere.

hydration pack
source: gearpatrol.com

It’s a surprise to most people, however, that modern hydration packs are actually an innovation that originated with recreational cycling. Their lightweight, non-restrictive capacities offer a host of on-the-go conveniences that aren’t available with packaged or bottled liquids, including:

·   Instant availability of water without the need to use one, or both hands;

·   A conveniently refillable reserve that’s less cumbersome than an equivalent quantity of containers; and,

·   A stable, consistently balanced fluid reserve that doesn’t affect the carrier’s centre of gravity.

Regardless of whether you’re hiking, climbing, or riding your bike, a hydration pack is an essential tactical field case item that you want to have with you.

Folders and Laptop Bags are the Right Protection for Your Electronic Devices 

No matter where you are in the world, you’re never more than a click away from anyone else. That’s why it’s so common for people to bring laptops and tablets camping, to the park, or even to the beach with them. These are sensitive electronic devices that need to be protected from water, sand, and even UV exposure though, which is why durable tablet and laptop folders are among the most common tactical-style field bags you’re likely to see.

laptop bags
source: imboldn.com

While sensible handling is understandably the best way to protect electronic devices when you’re using them outdoors, when they’re not in use, these tactical bags are perfect for:

·   Preventing devices from being scratched, damaged, or needlessly exposed to the elements;

·   Keeping all your electronic devices in a single, organized location; and,

·   Free up valuable storage space that your devices may be consuming in other bags.

Quite simply, picking up a laptop folder or tactical bag for sale is the perfect way to keep your devices protected when you’re on the go, and they’re not in use.   

You Get Maximum Mobility with a Tactical Chest Rig 

Although it may not resemble a traditional military tactical bag, a chest rig is simultaneously one of the most common, and most specialized load-bearing tactical items you’re ever likely to see. They’re regularly worn by law enforcement and hunters, but even photographers and tradies have successfully modified them for use as camera rigs and tool belts.

tactical chest rigs
source: 511tactical.com

It’s a strong testimony to the adaptability of this type of wearable tactical military bag, and the benefits they afford, including:

·   Instant, chest-level access to everything that’s stored on it;

·   No loss of maneuverability or carry capacity, even when fully loaded; and,

·   Extensive modularity that allows it to be used with other pouches and attachments.

When it comes to a solid combination of carrying capacity and maximum mobility in a tactical package, a chest rig is an army-style bag that you can’t afford to do without.

Dry Bags and Sacks Help You Keep the Rainy Days Away

Even though it’s tempting to lump dry bags and dry sacks in with all the other types of tactical-style army bags, their functionality sets them firmly apart from the bulk-bag crowd. Their names say all there is to say; and if you’re involved in any type of activity where rain or moisture can instantly change your itinerary, these bags can make the difference between saving your day, or literally watching it get washed away.

tactical dry backpack
source: flylife.com.au

Camping and kayaking are just some of the activities where you might need protection for fresh clothing, a computer, or even an emergency radio, and a waterproof bag made from 70D nylon fabric is the type of tactical military bag that’s going to keep your gear completely dry. Compact dry sacks come in 1-2ltr volumes, while super-size dry bags are available in volumes up to 30ltrs. Their only difference is size, however, size can make a big difference when you’re trying to keep an expensive camera, valuable documents, or a week’s worth of food dry.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, the Australian military has long set the definitive standard for how superior-quality bags are supposed to be made. The fact, however, is that not every manufacturer who produces tactical-style products, is able to produce tactical specification products. That’s why if you’re serious about protecting your gear, you should insist on the best.

Heavy-duty tactical bags are constructed to give your gear top-quality protection. They’re designed to withstand the toughest environments Australia has to offer, under the most stringent conditions possible; and if those specs are good enough for the Australian military, they’re going to be good enough for you.    

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