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shed with garden tools

Make Gardening Easy With a Few Tools Organizing Tips

Growing my own veggies and herbs in the yard has become such a rewarding and fun outdoor activity for me. I now have delicious and fresh produce on hand while knowing where my veggies and herbs come from. But having a well-maintained garden isn’t the easiest thing – it requires time, effort and many different tools.

As I got serious about it and moved from a few containers with just lettuce, tomatoes, and radishes (plants that almost anyone can grow to having many raised garden beds and mastered the companion planting, I realised that I needed to invest in a garden shed tool storage. I needed this in order to keep all the things I need to maintain my vegetable garden’s appearance properly stored and organized.

Instead of leaving them around in random places in the yard or taking up valuable space in the garage, all the essentials that I use for gardening like spray bottles, pruners, cultivators, shovels, and rakes now have their own place. I can just quickly grab what I need and as a result, gardening has become easier and more efficient for me. Also, now I have peace of mind knowing that all the potentially hazardous materials like fertilizers and sharp, dangerous tools are locked up, so my kids don’t come in contact with them. Furthermore, while the garden shed tool storage has improved my gardening operations by providing a common place for storage, I can’t help but notice how it has also improved my garden’s appearance. Now it’s clutter-free and I get to enjoy the wonderful sight of my garden’s greenery a lot more.

garden shed tool storage that's smaller and compact

Since I don’t have the luxury of a large backyard, I wanted a garden shed tool storage that’s smaller and compact. Luckily there are different sizes of garden sheds you can find on the market. They come in many designs and sizes making them suitable for storing almost everything (from smaller gardening tools to even ride-on lawnmowers) and to the size of your backyard. Mine is just 3m x 0.78 m in size but it does the job of storing things very well, plus being made from metal that doesn’t rust it doesn’t need much as maintenance as regular steel does.

Even a small tool shed can be such a purposeful addition to your backyard, if you take some time and properly organize the tools and items inside. Through my own experience, I’ve come to realise that tool sheds can easily become more of a clutter trap than what they were designed to be in the first place – a storage place for all your garden tools. In light of this, here are a few tips that helped me maximise my shed’s storage capacity.

metal shed

Shelving is the first place to start with when it comes to organizing your shed. You can add floating shelves in order to utilize the area in the upper portion of the shed while keeping the floor clear. They can be used to place materials like fertilizers, pesticide sprays, and weed-killers so that they are organized, beyond the reach of children and pets. If there is enough space left, for the purpose of storing even more items, think of including deeper shelves from floor to the ceiling, or inserting a shelving unit.

Also, setting up hooks on the walls can be inexpensive and it takes no space at all by itself. Hooks work great for hanging things that can easily get tangled, like cords and ropes. You can have the floor space free for placing bulky items like a mower or a wheelbarrow. Plus, they can be placed on the walls, on the sides of a shelving unit or on the back of the door or the exterior walls, (only if the wall is slightly protected with a roof overhang).

drawers with dividers in garden

Small gardening hand tools like scissors and pliers that don’t weight too much can be placed on a magnetic bar or in a box. This will allow you to keep them organized, safe and at hand, so you no longer have to search for them. Long-handled and heavier tools like shovels and rakes can be organized with the help of a wall-mounted rack. You’ll be able to see what’s what and free up more precious space.

To keep small useful items like the seeds from your plants in place, you can use drawers with dividers. Just make sure you keep them dry before planting in order to avoid some pests and diseases that can attack seeds when wet.

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