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luxury coffee tables

Wooden Coffee Table: The Luxury Centrepiece Your Living Room Requires

The sofa may be the star of the show when it comes to comfort and décor in the living room, however, it still can’t have the centrepiece role that the coffee table rightfully gets. Although some have tried to eliminate this piece of the whole living room décor puzzle altogether for the sake of minimalism or keeping a more open layout, its functionality is undeniable.

Whether you require it to add drinks and food to make TV viewing time more enjoyable or enhance the home with the charm of details like small art pieces, books, magazines, and vases, the truth is you can’t do without this furniture piece. Especially when you want to put your feet up after a long day and you have no extra room for an ottoman, for example.

To be able to get that manicured scene in a magazine kind of look, however, there are two crucial steps to pay attention to with this piece; first, make sure you choose the right one for your home, and then you can move on to the table décor and styling.

What to Consider for a Coffee Table?

coffee table
source: thespruce.com

With so many beautiful luxury wooden coffee table designs, it’s understandable if you can’t make up your mind just like that. From those timeless models made from sophisticated oak with a natural feel and charm for modern and traditional homes alike to the eclectic tightly woven rattan models fit for recreating coastal style or boho chic, one thing is certain – you’re spoiled for choice!

Whichever colour, style, or even wood grain choice it is you prefer and want for your living space, you’re sure to find it at furniture and homeware stores that have it all. This includes unique handcrafted pieces that can easily turn into an heirloom in the family. With this in mind, it’s necessary to first consider your budget, and how much you’re willing to spend on this exceptional centrepiece.

Then, move on to giving the dimensions some thought, like width and height. Just because you’re head over heels for a certain product doesn’t mean it’s the perfect fit for your living room area. Prior to dealing with the shopping, make sure to measure up the available space so you’d have an idea of which luxury wooden coffee table is the perfect match, and which is a definite no.

The traditional rectangular shape may not be the ideal option for a more compact home and room where every bit of free space is crucial, in which case a smaller one or one of a different shape would be more acceptable. The circular also tends to be somewhat big, so look for a square design, or possibly a two-in-one like the practical and chic nesting table.

This is a design that’s very versatile and flexible, giving you the opportunity to use it even as a replacement for a side table. The beauty of such a functional piece of designer wood coffee table is that you can have fun with how and where you have it. When you feel in need of change with the interior, you won’t have to look for additional pieces to achieve it as the simple change of place would work wonders for the look and feel of the room.

For example, in addition to using it in front of the sofa and armchair, you can also use it at the sides of these two, or even behind the sofa instead of a bulkier console. Keeping this in mind, be sure to consider the whole room, the style, the size, and the layout, to determine the table you should get.

How Do You Fashion a Coffee Table?

wooden coffee table
source: amazon.com

Okay, not that the wooden coffee table needs any help with the styling, as the natural charm of the material, design, and hue all work together to provide beauty, but knowing how and what to use to fashion it can be of assistance with eliminating clutter. Even if you don’t tend to do this, you’d be surprised how often a mashup of random objects, snacks, toys, or books ends up decorating most people’s coffee tables.

Not to worry, you won’t have to splurge on the latest and greatest fads you see on your Instagram feed to pull it off. If you’re the queen of organisation, I’m sure you’d love to use the chance to implement more of the orderly aesthetic even with the modern wooden coffee table so what you can do is count on the functionality of storage décor items like trays to sort out the essentials.

A set of smaller trays is perfect as one could serve to keep remotes, another could be used for snacks, and a third one for smaller items like candle matchboxes. If you feel like your home deserves to be treated with some personalisation, especially if your chosen style is minimalist, then feel free to count some of your favourite books as décor. Bonus points if they’re old hardcover books!

Heirloom objects you got from loved ones are another must if you want to add to the room a bit of interest that has a touch of nostalgia to it. For a playful result, mix and match objects of different heights, and avoid a clean symmetrical look. This is especially cool to try on the nesting design.

For a bit of greenery, a vase with fresh flowers would do, or why not add a whole potted plant in the mix too? Whatever makes you feel best about it, remember to avoid overdoing it with the styling as you need the coffee table for what it was meant to do – hold up the essentials!

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