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Things to Consider When Choosing a Rug for Your Living Room’s Design

Few decor elements are as much transformative and fundamental as area rugs are. Getting the right size, colour, texture, pattern, and shape are all factors to keep in mind, along with the persistent doubt of whether it will complement or clash with your existing furniture. But being too picky isn’t a bad thing as the wrong choice of a rug can throw an entire room off balance.

Consider the Function

Before your search begins, think about your lifestyle. For you, the ideal choice of rugs Australia interior designers claim, will mostly depend on how you plan to use that space. Envision your living room – decide whether you want to put more focus on comfort, glamour or entertainment and that way you can easier decide what kind of rugs you need.

The Correct Rug Size is Crucial

An oversized rug might overwhelm your space while a too-tiny one might make your room look unfinished or poorly designed. You need one that fits your space just right. The proper size will make a huge difference in the final look and can perfectly complement the interior. A good rule of thumb when purchasing a rug is to find one that accommodates the desired seating area, rather than the whole room. And regardless of whether you decide to place all furniture on the rug or just the front legs of each piece, make sure you leave a few centimetres between the wall and the rug’s edge to define the seating area.

Keep Texture in Mind

Foot traffic is an important factor when considering rug texture. If you frequently use that room, have pets and children your best bet is getting an all-wool rug, sisal, or a cotton flatweave as these options can best withstand traffic. Keep silk or antique rugs for more old-school living rooms that are best observed and not touched. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, get a rug that is a combination of wool and artificial silk.

Let There be Colour

Choosing the colours and patterns is where the fun of rug shopping begins. Consider rugs with an interesting pattern and blend of highs and lows in the design. In addition to adding interest to a room, a rug with a pattern can also help mask any wear and tear. But if you are opting for layers, set a solid ground tone. When choosing colourful rugs Australia experts suggest that you go with neutral shades, as these hues can be paired with almost every colour in the spectrum.

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