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A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Camping Annex Matting

When you’re planning your next camping adventure, matting is an essential aspect that can turn your temporary shelter into a cosy haven. In this guide, I’ll help you manoeuvre the vast landscape of options and share the key factors to consider when choosing the perfect companion for your trip.

If you want to make your camping experience more comfortable, clean, and hassle-free, then consider this wide range of camping annex matting styles. There are UV-resistant options that keep their durability intact and don’t fade under the scorching sun; breathable options that provide a soft, cushioned surface for you to kick back and relax; and even anti-slip matting that gives you a stable and safe surface to walk on.

Size and Fit

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One thing that’s crucial when you’re picking out your caravan matting is the size and fit. It shouldn’t be so small that it leaves patches of bare ground, or too large so that you’re tripping over the edges. It should create a comfortable and clean space for you to chill out. So, before you pick out a product, measure your camping area. Think about the size of your annex or your tent space. Then, when you’re checking out options, make sure to match that up with the size that fits your space perfectly. Remember, the right size and fit are like the final puzzle piece to completing your cosy outdoor haven. So, take a moment to measure and match it up – your camping comfort will thank you for it.


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When you’re picking out camping annex matting, portability is a big deal. You want something that’s not going to weigh you down or take up the entire space in your vehicle. If you choose a lightweight and flexible option, you can easily pack it up and store it in your outdoor shed when it’s not in use. Some matting even comes with nifty carry bags or straps, making it a breeze to lug around.

But here’s the deal – sometimes you sacrifice a bit of thickness or luxury for more portability. So, try to find that balance between comfort and convenience. The aim is to find a product that’s easy to transport without skimping too much on your camping comfort. Make sure your setup is as cosy as it is easy to manage.

Safety Features

Safety features give you an extra layer of security for your outdoor escapade:

  • When you’re aiming for a relaxing time, you wouldn’t want a slippery awning mat. Some options have these nifty grips or anti-slip surfaces. They’re your trusty sidekicks, making sure your floor stays put and you stay upright;
  • And then you have fire-resistant options. It’s not that you’re planning to set your camping setup on fire, but accidents can happen. Having fire-resistant material under your feet is an extra layer of protection for unexpected situations;
  • Some options come with antimicrobial properties. They shield you against nasty things like mould or bacteria, keeping your camping area cleaner and healthier.

When you’re exploring matting options, don’t overlook these safety features. They provide superior comfort and ensure s safer and more worry-free camping experience. So, whether it’s preventing slips, dealing with potential fire risks, or maintaining a clean environment, these safety features give you a little extra insurance for your camping fun.


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Some caravan awning mats come in a variety of designs and colours, giving you the chance to express your style. You can go for something that complements your tent or even adds a pop of colour to your camping area. Some options have reversible sides, so you can flip it over if one side gets dirty or for a change in scenery. Others offer different textures – whether it’s a soft, carpet-like feel or something more rugged. Maybe you want something cosy and comfy for relaxing, or perhaps you prefer a more durable texture for high-traffic areas.

Design isn’t just about looks; it helps you personalise your camping experience. It’s the extra touch that makes your outdoor setup uniquely yours. So, when you’re scouting for camping matting, don’t overlook the design options. Find something that not only looks good but also suits your camping style and makes your outdoor space feel more like home.


You’ll find a variety of camping matting options out there, each with a different price tag. But here’s the scoop: cost isn’t just about the initial price. You should think about the big picture. Sure, a cheaper matting might seem like a steal, but is it durable? Will it last you through a couple of trips, or will you have to replace it soon? On the flip side, investing a bit more often gets you a higher-quality product that’s more durable and will serve you well over time.

Also, consider how often you take trips. Are you a weekend warrior, hitting the outdoors every now and then? Or are you a full-on outdoor enthusiast, where durability matters more than the upfront cost? These factors can guide your decision.

What’s the Purpose of Annex Matting?

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The main deal with annex matting is comfort and convenience. Instead of just plopping down on the bare ground, you get a cosy surface to sit on, walk around, and set up your camping gear. It helps you create your own little patch of home comfort in the great outdoors. Matting also creates a barrier between you and the ground. It keeps your area cleaner, preventing mud, dirt, or water from seeping into your camping space. Some people use it as an extension of their living space. It adds an extra room to your camping setup, giving you a spot to relax, eat, or set up your gear without feeling like you’re outside.

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