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Aspects to Consider When Buying Traffic Lights

Some of the most basic traffic safety rules that are taught even in pre-school are the different colours featured on traffic lights. However, there’s a misconception that traffic lights are used exclusively to direct and control traffic, specifically at intersections. Even though their purpose is very straightforward, traffic lights can be much more versatile thanks to numerous technological advancements, like the LED technology.

Nowadays, you see traffic lights in many different sectors, such as mines, loading docks, airports, private parking lots, construction sites, etc. All of these places can benefit greatly from traffic lights, as they help maintain order, traffic flow and pedestrian safety. However, not all traffic lights are the same, and not all of them serve the same purpose. In fact, you can buy traffic lights online that have anywhere between one and five aspects, depending on where and how you intend to use them.

Besides the amount of aspects the traffic lights can feature, far more important is the color of the aspects. You can’t just use any color in any situation and knowing which colours are used where will certainly help you if you want to buy traffic lights. There are a couple of different popular color combinations, and there are usually guidelines where each of them is used.

For instance: red and green are used to warn incoming traffic when there are construction activities on the side of the road and there’s only one lane available. When you add a flashing amber light in the mix, you get lights used as a safety sign at a distribution center, docks or loading warehouses. This combination of traffic lights help guide forklift traffic, approaching drivers and warn workers in the area.

As briefly aforementioned, the type of bulbs the traffic lights use should be something to consider. LED lights are the preferred choice for many, because of their durability and longevity. Even though LED traffic lights come at a higher price tag, they have a really long life-span (over 50.000hours), which means you save money in the long run. Moreover, they illuminate more light than incandescent lights, which makes them more visible in foggy, rainy and misty conditions.

And lastly, consider their power supply. Typically, traffic lights can either be powered by electricity or a battery. They’re most commonly electric-powered, with a back-up battery system. Ion-lithium batteries are the ideal back-up supply, as they can supply the traffic lights with enough power to last an entire day, sometimes more.

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