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The living room is the room in the house where most of the time is spent together with family and friends. It's considered to be a public area where you congregate for chit-chat and, on occasion, watch movies together. As a result, you should adorn your living room and make it appear as inviting, comfortable and attractive as possible.

So, you've decided your living space needs an uplift and are thinking of affordable ways to do it. Let me help you out with this one – good and high-quality lighting! Just like with an outfit – usually it is the accessories that make it pop and look more appealing. Therefore, adding some gorgeous light fittings to your already existing décor could easily make the space look more impressive and expensive, without having to spend a fortune. Of course, by now you're probably totally on board with this idea, but where do you start?

Some of the most basic traffic safety rules that are taught even in pre-school are the different colours featured on traffic lights. However, there's a misconception that traffic lights are used exclusively to direct and control traffic, specifically at intersections. Even though their purpose is very straightforward, traffic lights can be much more versatile thanks to numerous technological advancements, like the LED technology.

As technology rapidly evolves, we start looking for only the best of things. And why should lighting be any different? Since we all got tired from the uncomfortable yellowish hue of incandescent lights and the short lifespan of halogen ones, the shift to the new trend, LED lighting, was more than expected. Light Emitting Diodes are the latest form of bulbs that perfectly fit the needs of every customer, regardless of whether you are a home or a business owner.

A comprehensive lighting scheme in your commercial space or office is sometimes an overlooked element, but replacing the standard lights can have many positive effects on your profit margins. Here are a few commercial lighting design basics to consider whether you are starting a new...

Driving around the city looking for a place to park is probably one of the worst parts of being a driver - you finally buckle down and pay someone for a spot that seems like an insane amount of money for the privilege of leaving your car there. Finding parking in a large city like Melbourne or Sydney for a major event like ball games or concerts can be tedious and time consuming. However, you can turn this disadvantage into an advantage if you look at it from the aspect of a business owner. Parking lot businesses are one of the most lucrative sources of income.