Cleaning Trolleys: Essential Hygiene Supplies for Hospitality Businesses
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Cleaning Trolleys: Essential Hygiene Supplies for Hospitality Businesses

Hospitals aren’t the only public places where utmost hygiene is required for the well-being of the people. Other public spaces such as hospitality-related buildings like hotels, hostels, and similar travel and tourism-related services need just as much cleanliness, which points out the importance of equipping them with the right cleaning supplies.

This leads us to the fact maintaining optimal hygiene entails the use of a variety of essentials. From chemicals, detergents of all sorts, plus the adequate tools and “wet floor” signs, to small items like a range of sprays and microfibre cloths, bigger ones in the form of lobby brooms, dust pans with covers and spray mops, and bulkier in the likes of bins and vacuum cleaners, it’s evident there’s the necessity for easy transport. This calls for the job of effective cleaners trolleys that make everything into less of a hassle.

Why Do You Need Trolleys for the Business?

Let’s face it, cleaning can be tiring, and this is especially true for large buildings where the cleaning personnel has to take several trips to the different floors to fetch the supplies they require. The trolleys make everything simple and easy as they provide ample space for all the essentials, and come with wheels to cut down on the time needed to go through the premises.

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As such, the handy cleaners trolleys are a must if you want to keep employees productive, safe from exhaustion, as well as accidents and injuries. This kind of piece of equipment can take the load off of the staff. It’s needless to point out exactly how much this helps improve the efficiency of the business as a whole, as improving the cleaning is at the core.

In addition, much like in hospitals, they also prove to be of importance in preventing the contamination and spreading of germs. The less people that touch the cleaning supplies, the better. When you have trolleys in your building, your employee can have the cleaning tools and detergents with them at all times throughout their working hours.

How to Choose the Ideal Trolley for Your Business?

Depending on the needs of the premises, the type of cleaning supplies that is most being used, and the amount, there are different cleaning trolley designs to choose from varying in sizes, materials, capacities, and features so shop wisely to make the most of them. Some prefer models with more free space, whereas others like to have more platforms to separate and organise the cleaning supplies.

types of cleaning trolleys

The chosen ones should be easy to operate, push, organise and clean to make the whole operation simpler. Sturdy builds from quality materials, yet with lightweight and compact constructions are all aspects that make up designs worth the investment. This is necessary to ensure the employees are able to handle and manoeuvre them with comfort and ease, to reduce physical stress and prevent work-related injuries.

Also, the focus should be on models of cleaning carts with sturdy yet lightweight wheels that are durable, and at the same time don’t make a lot of noise. Disturbing the peace in the rooms where travelling guests try to get some restful sleep and relaxation would mean lesser visits in your hotel, so keep this in mind too. Lastly, they should also be protective so detergents won’t end up in spills that will add more to the cleaning chores and risks of accidents.

What Are Some Basic Trolley Types?

As mentioned, there are different types that differ on the storage capacity, size, and features, so they’re created for the varying needs of the businesses. Some of the basics you’d come across include:

The Classic Housekeeping Trolley

This is the ideal choice for the hospitality industry because of the advantageous cleaning system. With a full size cabinet that’s got an adjustable and fully-removable shelf, this type of cleaners trolleys is the perfect investment if compactness and flexibility are two aspects you’re looking for.

housekeeping trolley

Additional extras that make some of these models truly remarkable include features like non-marking and lockable wheels, locking door, and accessories such as vinyl bag, bumpers, vacuum holder, mesh linen bag. They can further be teamed up with other useful organisers, like the fabric pocket organiser, making them the go-to choice for cleanliness.

The Professional Housekeeping Trolley

If you’re searching for the trolley with adjustable length, that’s also got the same features as the previous counterpart, this one fits the bill. It’s sturdy, it’s easy to manoeuvre, it’s durable, and has a cart system that can hold up supplies of several rooms – not just one!

The Heavy-Duty Service Cart

With open and rounded shelves, edges to prevent items from falling, a durable construction with more than 40kg of capacity for each shelf, plus ergonomic design and rounded bumpers to prevent wall and furniture damage, this is another major contender. It can further be boosted with attachments like a locking hood to keep valuables safe.

The Janitor Cart

Available in a range of sizes and capacities, the janitor cart is designed to fit all the tools and supplies a janitor may need. Look for models that come with ample space for storage of bulkier tools and items, as well as a lockable cabinet to prevent spilling accidents with the chemicals. You can also find models you can enhance with suitable buckets, bins, and compartments for a more customised fit.

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