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Everything You Need To Know About Computerized RC Battery Chargers

The year is 1966. An RC car appears for the first time. A year later this exclusive item starts to be commercially and massively produced. 60 years later and we’re still right in the middle of the RC frenzy!

RC vehicles, no matter if it’s cars, trucks, planes, helicopters, or something completely different, are more than just a toy. In fact, they’re a fun and sophisticated hobby many people pick up later in life. If the general opinion that RC vehicles were just for kids was popular up until recently, now we’re faced with the reality that these guys are for everyone!

electric-powered RC car

RC vehicles are cool, fun, and a great bonding opportunity, whether between a father and a son, two friends, or just strangers with the same passion. The topics to talk about are endless and so are the things you can do with these vehicles.

One topic that is recurrent is the one on chargers. Having a good RC battery charger is imperative for the longevity of your vehicle and how well it will perform. The RC industry has been improving its products constantly, offering new twists on classic items and that’s how we got to the computerized RC battery charger.

If you haven’t heard of these types of remote control battery chargers up until now – stick around, as we’re going to go over the specifics and why they are such a good investment that will definitely take your hobby to the next level.

Versatility: Charge Any Type Of Battery

If you’re new to the world of computerized RC chargers, or smart chargers if you will, by the end of this article you’re going to be wondering why and how you’ve lived so long without one. When I say these guys are a game changer I am not exaggerating.

You can buy this type of battery charger RC accessory in specialised stores around Australia and in my opinion, they are really the best place to look when browsing! Now, off to the reasons why you should browse for these guys in the first place!

First off, we have their versatility. You already know that there are a bunch of different battery types for RC vehicles. You have your typical alkaline battery which won’t be a topic point today as they’re not rechargeable, LiPo batteries, NiMH batteries, and Ni-Cd ones.

Leaving aside the debate on which one of these rechargeable options is the best one, both for performance and the environment, we start off on the point that they all need charging. Many RC enthusiasts own more than one RC vehicle and this means that they need a different charger for each one, as they don’t always come with the same battery type.

However, with a computerized RC charger, you don’t need to worry about that. These guys are called “smart” for a reason. The beauty of this type of charger is the fact that you can charge any battery with it, no matter what kind it is.

Computerized chargers support safe and efficient charging for all of the different types of batteries you can find out there, allowing you to forget you’ve ever used separate ones for different kinds of batteries!

Accuracy: Perfectly Charged Battery Every Time

Moving on, the second perk of having a computerized battery charger RC is the fact that they have options to control charging and prevent over or undercharging, something that will most definitely mess with the longevity of your battery, causing you to have to buy new battery packs often.

electric-powered RC car

Computerized battery chargers are an investment, but they basically pay for themselves because of this feature. As they are something that you need to pay a bit extra for, they also come with extra features. You’ll be able to monitor the charging of whichever battery is plugged in, making sure no damage is being done to it in the process.

We all have phones with rechargeable batteries and we’ve all seen the perils of over or undercharging them. Only recently have phone manufacturers added features that balance the process, monitoring your charging habits and with it, preventing or minimizing any harm to the battery.

Computerized RC chargers do exactly this. I said you’ll be able to monitor your charging, but truth is, you won’t really have to do much other than plug your desired battery in and leave it be. Your smart charger will do the rest.

Diagnostics: Revive Old Batteries And Keep Track Of New Ones

Finally, we have the diagnostics feature which is something that really got me excited when researching these RC chargers.

What this feature does, basically, is tell you how much juice it takes to charge your battery, giving you an accurate idea of how long the charging will take and how long the battery is going to last.

Paired with the fact that it monitors the charging process itself and makes sure you have an optimally charged battery every time it’s really something to look forward to.

Furthermore, many computerized chargers have the option to try and revive old batteries through options available on the charger which can really come in handy if you’ve used a regular charger before and it caused your battery to behave in an odd manner.

By using these features you can see exactly what the damage is and if that battery can still be charged and used safely or not. This will potentially save you a lot of money as you can make an educated decision on whether you need to buy a replacement pack or can just continue using an old battery safely.

Maintaining a healthy battery life is something that is really priceless in this hobby, so you can really see how a computerized charger will allow you to do that without much work on your part.

The Bottom Line

By investing in a computerized battery charger you’re getting these three excellent options that will really help with your battery life and longevity and will offer you a simpler, yet more accurate way of making sure you have all the juice you need to make the most out of your hobby.


When browsing for computerized chargers make sure to research their features and pick one whose brand name you recognize. Reviews are also very helpful as you can see what real people’s experiences are as opposed to what the company claims their charger does.

Either way, I’d highly recommend purchasing your very own computerized charger. Did you know you can charge your car battery with it if you wanted to? That’s how safe and versatile they are and that’s exactly something you should have so you can really enjoy your RC vehicles without any obstacles, other than the ones that make controlling them as fun as it is!

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