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electric skateboard

Here’s Why Electric Skateboards Are Worth a Try

As technology advances, we’re seeing a lot of our favourite old-school items receiving a modern twist. It happened to the bike, it happened to the scooter, and now it’s happening to the skateboard. Skateboards have been a huge pop culture thing since forever, with young as well as older people giving them a try and loving them. They’ve gotten so much attention that skateboarding is an official sport now with its own leagues and competitions around the globe. 

Still, the electric skateboard is considered a novelty item and it’s here to stay and they have a lot to offer. Perfect for those who love the ride but just don’t have the energy anymore, they’re a best-of-both-worlds kind of thing. An electric skate can be quite an investment, but it’s one that can be totally worth it. Let’s go over the features that I think are most appealing when it comes to electric skateboards and see what the fuss is all about. 


If the regular skateboard can go as fast as you can push it, the electric skateboard can surpass that speed and it can offer a much faster ride. An electric skateboard is basically like any other electricity-driven transportation device or vehicle. With a built-in battery and electronics, it offers a smooth and fast ride, both uphill and downhill. The speed is usually controlled by a hand-held device or by positioning your body. You can speed up by leaning forward or slow down by leaning backward, eventually coming to a full stop. 

The fact that these skateboards can go as fast as traffic may be terrifying for some, but for others, it’s an absolute thrill. Still, even with their potential to go so fast, they are very stable and are good for beginners. Previous experience in skateboarding is recommended, though not always necessary. It’s worth noting that these skateboards aren’t as good for children as they are for teenagers and adults, so keep that in mind when browsing for an electric skate to buy

electric scooter speed

Diversity & Customization

Electric skateboards and electric longboards, just like electric scooters, for example, offer a variety of functions that the regular item never could. Still, this doesn’t mean that they can’t be used just like the non-electric ones. An electric skateboard can be used as a regular skate, but only for normal rides. Tricks and skateparks are discouraged as they may damage the intricate electrical wiring inside and render the board unusable. 

Still, this is a point toward diversity for the electric skateboard! Another great thing when it comes to diversity is their potential to be customised and turned into something completely different. The additions for electric boards are virtually endless. The standard differently-coloured wheels are always an option, grip tape is available and should be used as the board does go quite fast, and there are a lot of other different things you can put on the board itself to make it truly unique. 

However, one feature that has me most interested, is the fact that you can turn your electric skateboard into an off-road electric skateboard. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? This is done by getting a different set of wheels, much like the ones used on mountain bikes, to get the board to be able to withstand a bumpier ride, have more grip which will offer more stability, and go faster on surfaces that aren’t as smooth. 

There are conversion kits available that will help you turn your regular e-board into an off-road adventure machine easily, which means that you’ll be able to explore much, much more than you’ve ever could before. These kits come equipped with everything you’ll need to transform your board and have a safe and fun off-road journey. I’d like to stress that protective gear shouldn’t really be optional when attempting off-road riding as well as with regular riding. Check with your favourite skate shop and get the best gear alongside your kit to keep everything nice and smooth. 

electric scooter customization


Since it is electric, a lot of different parts are added to make sure it stays protected. This makes the board much more durable than a regular, wooden skateboard. You will need to take care of it and do regular maintenance on different parts, depending on what type of ride you’re taking your board on, but it should last you quite a long time. 

Some stores offer you a trial period before you actually purchase the item, so this is a good way to make sure you’re really getting what you’re going to be paying for. Recommendations should also give you an insight into board performance and durability as well as the stats the board you’re looking at has. Since they are pretty new, it might be best to talk to a skate shop clerk and ask around for the best models, since they are usually the ones most knowledgeable on the subject.

Still, the rule of thumb is that an e-skate that’s quality-made and from a well-known manufacturer will last quite a while and will be there for all the adventures you have in mind. So, avoid any unknown brands and unofficial purchases to make sure your skate is actually everything you’re being promised it is. 

electric scooter durability

To Sum Up 

If you’re into skateboards but wish for a more stable, diverse, and faster ride you should definitely give electric boards a chance. As I said, mind the quality and the manufacturer, and always make sure to have your safety gear on. These items are perfect for any daredevil out there, as well as for people who’d love to reduce their carbon footprint and look extremely cool while doing it. Electric boards are able to take you literally wherever you’d like to go, and they’ll quickly become an essential part of your everyday routine, no matter if it’s for fun or work. 

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