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Living with Chronic Pain: Seek the Help of TENS


Life can be full of challenges and struggles but when you’re living with chronic pain every day is full of difficulty. This is the fate of one in five Australians, and even children and adolescents take part.

Enduring pain not only makes you feel fragile, it also interferes with your day to day chores, making something as simple as taking care of your hygiene a Herculean task. Despite the fact it’s a universal thing, it’s still rather misunderstood which would explain why it’s rather a neglected area of healthcare.

tens units for sale

It’s not an exaggeration to say dealing with pain diminishes the quality of life even to the point of affecting your moods, sleep and the relationships because some days may be worse than others, and it can seem like the pain is gone from time to time which makes others not take your condition serious enough, leading to a higher level of stigma.

You might also be fed up with having others suggest what you should and shouldn’t try and tired of pills that only work for a little while yet bring about numerous side effects as a result, so take some time to breathe in, breathe out, remember you’re not alone and know there are other ways to deal with this apart from exercises and medications, as in the example of the ingenious and affordable tens units for sale.

TENS is certainly not a recent treatment method and its benefits are coming to light more and more as of late not surprisingly because more people resort to it as a drug-free, low-risk and non-invasive alternative.

TENS is short for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and the name comes from the fact it’s a method relying on electrical nerve-stimulation for pain relief, blocking the body’s pain signals and releasing endorphins instead – the body’s natural painkillers. Another discovery is also the TENS effect on retraining the nerves so over time they change the behaviour and end the pain signals sent to the brain.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, latest tens units for sale are wireless and compact allowing you to get your treatment anywhere you go thanks to its body contouring discreet design you can wear under your clothes without the use of remote controls, only relying on apps you can download from the App Store or Google Play.

Having in mind it’s created to be of convenience to the user, you have the chance to personalize your treatment with the help of four programmes and 15 levels of intensity so you are the one controlling the treatment.

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