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Losing Weight: Get Closer to Your Goal with the Right Supplements

Fat burners, also known as fat loss supplements, contain ingredients that help speed up one’s metabolism and reduce fat absorption thus inducing weight loss. Fat burning products also increase fat oxidation when exercising. The most common ingredients fat burners contain are L-carnitine, green tea, caffeine, forskolin, yohimbe, Glucomannon and more.

Do Fat Loss Supplements Work?

There are certain ingredients that fat loss supplements contain that have been proven to help burn fat and there is no proof that they cause harm to your body.

Must Have Supplements for Fat Loss


What are known as branched chain amino acids are a collection of three essential amino acids. These are valine, leucine, and isoleucine. BCAA’s are used by bodybuilders as fat loss products since they help reduce body fat whilst maintaining muscle mass. BCAA is a surefire supplement that can help you get as lean as you can and help you perform high intensity training.

Whey Protein Isolate

Although whey protein is recommended to people that want to build muscle, it’s purest form, whey protein isolate can help you lower your fat intake. Whey protein isolate contains no carbohydrates or fats which means more fuel for your muscles. This type of sport supplement is also easily digested and it has been proven to increase total body fat loss too.

whey potein isolate

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Consuming caffeine is a more natural way to lose weight as long as you have a proper weight loss plan coupled with it. Caffeine can be found in green tea, coffee and dark chocolate. Consuming it helps speed up your metabolism which in turn results in an increase in fat burning nearly up to 30%. Be aware that if taken continually for a certain period of time, caffeine can become ineffective and reduce the quality of your sleep. Make sure you use it sparingly and in moderate doses.


One of the more popular fat loss products throughout the years has been CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). CLA is found naturally in cheese, butter and fatty animal foods and it is known as a more beneficial trans fat. This fat burning product boosts your metabolism and triggers the breakdown of body fat whilst reducing appetite.




Essential fatty acids are actually good for you and eating foods that contain them can help improve the transport of important nutrients and bloodflow alongside memory and brain development. An improved nutrient transport helps your metabolism stay at an optimal rate. EFA’s also helps make fat get stored as energy and then get used when working out which makes you lose more weight. Fish that are high in omega 3 essential fatty acids can help make that happen, as several other foods.


When consuming thermogenics it is important that you are wary of the level of niacin it contains, especially when you pair it with another fat burning supplement. When your body is going through a fat burning state it becomes sensitive. Taking thermogenics with too much niacin it can make you irritable, restless and feeling anxious. Thermogenic fat burners are an excellent addition to your weight loss plan but only when taken in the right amount.

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Alpha Lipoic Acid

This is a type of acid found in every human cell with its main purpose being to create energy. Alpha lipoic acid is also responsible for converting glucose (sugar) to energy. Whilst losing weight you want your body to be able to use up fat as energy and taking alpha lipoic acid is a great way to provide more fuel for your workouts. Alpha lipoic acid will also help rid your body from extremely dangerous chemicals, called free radicals.


This type of extract is found in a mint family plant and it is known to increase the levels of a compound called cAMP. This type of compound is found in human cells and it helps stimulate fat burning and the more there is of it the more fat is being “burned”.


Clucomannan is a fibre found in the roots of a plant called elephant yam which is also known as konjac. When combined with a healthy diet, glucomannan can help you towards your weight loss goal. This type of fibre provides gut friendly bacteria to the intestines which lowers blood cholesterol levels, tryglyceriedes and blood sugar whilst helping prevent constipation.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

As you already know, caffeine can also help with weight loss. Much like caffeine, green coffee bean extract is also known to do the same thanks to two ingredients it contains: chlorogenic acid and of course caffeine. These two help slow down the breakdown of carbohydrates and increase fat burning whilst being able to reduce blood pressure and help with high blood sugar levels.

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