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What Makes LEDs the Leaders in Lighting

As technology rapidly evolves, we start looking for only the best of things. And why should lighting be any different? Since we all got tired from the uncomfortable yellowish hue of incandescent lights and the short lifespan of halogen ones, the shift to the new trend, LED lighting, was more than expected. Light Emitting Diodes are the latest form of bulbs that perfectly fit the needs of every customer, regardless of whether you are a home or a business owner.

In the past few years we’ve been seeing and hearing more about all the goodness of LED technology. It seems like everywhere we go, we are followed by the pleasant illumination brought to us by LEDs. This trend has emerged for a few very convincing reasons, so let’s got through some of them.

Variety of Applications

Browsing the wide range of Led lighting products Australia retailers sell, you’ll notice there’s a huge variety. Unlike other lighting solutions, LEDs are suitable both for residential and commercial use. Their bright but unobtrusive light finds a list of different applications in the modern home in the form of downlights, oyster lights, pendants, strip lighting and more. However, the power of LED can be also brought outdoors so that your front yard can benefit from it as well. Path lights, spotlights and bollards are just some of the many ways you can make your yard a functional, safe, and above all – a more attractive space.


It’s true that LED bulbs are more expensive then halogen and incandescent ones, but this certainly pays off in terms of longevity. Unlike other light bulbs, LEDs are not made out of glass and filaments, which helps them withstand high temperatures and vibrations. While the average incandescent light lasts for a month or two, with proper care, a single LED light can serve you for years and years. Having an incredible lifespan of around 50 000 hours, you can leave a LED light on all day long for 5.7 years before it stops working. With LED you’ll soon forget what it’s like to replace a light bulb!

Environmentally Friendly

Taking care of the environment is a responsibility we all share. So why choose the more harmful options when there’s already a green lighting alternative thanks to LED technology? There’s a reason environmentalist groups try to raise awareness about the benefits of Led lighting products Australia wide. While most lights use mercury, which when disposed off can contaminate the environment, LED lights have no toxic components that can leak out and pose a threat. Moreover, the long life span of LEDs means less waste which in turn results in fewer harmful carbon emissions.

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